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ARKIB Tahun 2009 untuk BERITA

[2009-12-14] New strategy to resettle squatters: Johari

By Norni Mahadi

MIRI: The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will implement a new strategy on urban renewal to resettle squatters in urban centres in the State under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Its Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said the strategy would be conducted under a special resettlement programme in order to create a green, healthy and livable city. Speaking at a press conference after presenting Christmas goodies to patients at Miri Hospital yesterday, Johari said the programme was part of the Ministry’s efforts to effectively address the issue of squatter colonies in the State’s urban areas. According to the latest statistics, the number of squatters is the highest here with over 4,000 followed by Bintulu (3,000), and Kuching (1,000).

The Ministry would, therefore give greater focus to Miri under the 10MP before going to other areas, Johari said, adding that the programme, however, would be implemented through the friendly manner.

The Ministry, he added, would also ensure that the resettlement areas would come complete with basic infrastructure such as drainage, roads, electricity and water supplies. Such commitment was part of the Ministry’s efforts to provide the inhabitants not only friendly and livable environment but also safety in mind.

On the hospital visit, Johari, who is also Saberkas President, said it was arranged by Saberkas to bring cheer to the patients in the festive spirit of Christmas. Twenty-nine patients received Christmas hampers from the Minister.

Also present were Lambir Assemblyman Aidan Wing who is also State Saberkas Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General Dato Paul Teo Choo Tee, Assistant Secretary General Antonio Kahti Galis, and a Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Watson Bangau.

Johari presents a Christmas hamper to one of the patients, while (from fourth left) Galis, Aidan, Watson

and others look on.

[2009-12-07] Women urged to involve youth in activities

KUCHING: Women leaders are encouraged to involve the youth in all of their activities so that they can learn from them, and will be able to organise similar activities on their own in future.

Giving this message was Minister of Housing and Urban Development Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg when officiating at the opening of a seminar on ‘Empowering Women’ organised by State Saberkas Women Bureau and PBB Women Movement.

He said that among activities the younger generation could also take part in was a competition called ‘Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader’, which could stimulate their interest and also encourage them to put more effort to improve their knowledge.

He suggested that the competition could be held between January and April next year, and the final in August.

“We can provide for the prizes of up to RM5,000 for the champion, RM2,000 for first runner-up, and RM1,000 for the second runner-up,” he added.

Meanwhile, he commended those women involved in organising the (Empowering Women) seminar, a programme to kick-start a series of activities organised by PBB women leaders of PBB and Saberkas.

On another note, he reminded the women leaders to be relevant at all times by keeping with the changes around them.

“Society cannot be static. It has to change. Women too must embrace change.”

He also reminded the participants to have a renewed mindset and stay focused to achieve their dreams. There were many successful women around to use as role models.

The Organising Chairperson Sharifah Hasidah Aman Sayeed, meanwhile, said that since PBB Women Wings and Saberkas Women Bureau shared the same agenda of strengthening and empowering women leadership, they had agreed to jointly organise events to benefit the womenfolk.

“This is also a follow-up to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud’s instruction, who told us to work together, and also to do networking with other NGOs, and government agencies,” said Hasidah, who is also Semariang State Assemblywoman.

She said the participants would be informed of the development of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy SCORE), and other issues such as communications, health and government development projects.

“The more we are informed, the better we can look after our families, and serve the society,” she added.

[2009-11-16] Take up jobs in plantations, youths told

By Zora Chan

KUCHING: Career prospects in the country’s estate and commodity sector are bright and, therefore, youths should consider taking up employment opportunities available in the sector.Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainudin yesterday said plantation owners and millers often complained they faced difficulties in hiring locals.

“These complaints are not referring to estate workers or labourer but workers at the supervisory level and above such as managers, mechanics, electricians and finance administrators.

“These posts need and should be filled up by locals to prevent the country from hiring more foreign workers,” he said when closing a career talk and exhibition on estate and commodity sector here.

His text of speech was read by the ministry’s Innovation Research and Human Capital Industry Division secretary Aknan Ehtook.

The Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry held the event in collaboration with several agencies including the Education Department and Youth and Sports Department.

Nearly 250 youths from Kuching and Samarahan divisions as well as Saberkas and Harina Consultancy took part in the talk.

Hamzah said the country’s estate and commodity sector comprised oil palm, rubber, timber, cocoa, pepper, sago, kenaf and jatropha and generally, these generated about RM112.4 billion in export in 2008 and RM89 billion in 2007.

“The export value comprised about 17 per cent of the country’s overall merchandise export,” he said.

According to him, the sector currently employs about 1.4 million workers or 12 per cent of the country’s total manpower.

He said the sector would continue to be important even when Malaysia becomes an industrialised country.

“Every year, there are people retiring in the sector and this is where the young generation can come in and take over the vacant posts,” he said.

To encourage more youths to join the sector, the government through its agencies such as the Malaysia Palm Oil Board, Malaysia Rubber Board and Malaysia Timber Industry Board had provided skills trainings for school leavers, said Hamzah.

These courses included diploma in palm oil milling technology and management, hand-made chocolates, pepper entrepreneurship development and rubber clones identification.

[2009-10-27] Take SPM seriously, students reminded

KUCHING: It is important for students to get good results in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) because they can apply for scholarships as well as access to institutions of higher learning.“As we all know, SPM is the most important examination for all Malaysian students wherethe results of the examination definitely will influence the future of a student,” Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Kuching branch chairperson Lily Yong said yesterday.

She was speaking during the opening of the ‘Seminar SPM 2009’ at Kuching Park Hotel.

Yong stressed the importance of education to children and teenagers, adding that it not only provided them knowledge and skills, but also moral values and discipline in life.

“With proper guidance and teaching, students can become persons with not only powerful knowledge, but also with good moral values,” she added.

Yong also said students nowadays were very fortunate compared to those of yesteryears.

She said: “Nowadays you have all the facilities like the library and the Internet to access all kinds of knowledge and information.

“Hence to get good results in examination is easier compared to our time where we only had minimum facilities and resources. Therefore I hope the students will appreciate all the facilities and use them wisely for their benefit,” she said.

The three-day seminar was organised jointly by Saberkas Batu Kawa New Township Unit and Saberkas BDC Unit with the cooperation of Proaktif Tuition Centre.

It is participated by 128 Form 5 students from Kuching High School, Kolej Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah, Lodge School, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road, SMK Jalan Arang, SMK Kolej Tunku Kursiah, SMK Sungai Maong, SMB St Joseph, SMB St Mary, SMB St Teresa and SMB St Thomas.

The aim of the seminar is to guide the students in their preparation for the SPM examination, and it is facilitated by Saberkas Batu Kawa New Township Unit chairman Voon Boon Chieng.

Incentives were also given to students who excelled in their pre-PMR and pre-SPM examinations.

[2009-10-24] Plenty of jobs for accountants

KUCHING: Students are urged to study accounting as there are lots of job opportunities for accountants in Malaysia.Sarawak State Youth Movement (Saberkas) vice-president Datuk Alfred Yap made this call when opening a three-day/two-night ‘SPM Principle of Accounts and Career Workshop 2009’ at Kuching Park Hotel yesterday.

The workshop was organised by Saberkas Stapok and 3rd Mile unit.

“Malaysia needs 60,000 accountants by 2020. Currently we have about 23,000 so there are a lot of job opportunities in this profession. Therefore I urge students to go into this field (accounting),” he said.

Yap, who is also Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) publicity secretary and advisor for the workshop, pointed out the shortage of other professionals such as lawyers and engineers.

“It is vital that we have enough of these professionals especially in today’s globalised era. The government feels that professionals will help the nation’s development. I strongly urge students to further their studies and not just stop at SPM,” he said.

Chairman of Saberkas Stapok unit, Tan Hun Seang said the workshop aimed to expose students to formal and informal education.

“Participants will have the opportunity to revise the overall subject (Principle of Accounts) before taking the SPM examinations which is a form of formal education. As these students come from various backgrounds and interact with each other during the workshop, they are indirectly exposed to informal education,” he said.

The workshop was participated by 91 Form 5 students from various schools here.

[2009-10-17] Same role but new approaches for Saberkas

Youths of today are very knowledgeable and more demanding compared to their predecessors: Abang Johari

SARIKEI: Sarawak’s largest multi-racial youth organisation, Saberkas, will continue to lead and guide youngsters to become the country’s important asset, its president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said.

Speaking at a Hari Raya gathering organised by Sarikei District Seberkas at the Civic Centre here on Thursday night, Johari, who is Housing Minister and deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), said although the movement’s role remained the same, there had to be changes in the way of approaches.

This, he said, was to be in tandem with the changing times so that Saberkas would remain relevant and continue to be useful to the development of the state’s youths.

He said the fact that Saberkas had been helmed by the head of the state government until he took over the baton recently showed that the government valued the contribution of youths.

He said leading Saberkas was a tough task because he was taking over a movement that had seen two great presidents – then chief minister Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub from 1973 to 1981 and the current Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, from 1981 to last April.

“Nonetheless, I will give my best to maintain the momentum to ensure Saberkas continue to contribute towards nation building in general and helping to spearhead Sarawak towards a developed state by 2030 in particular,” he assured.

According to him, leading Saberkas now is an increasingly tough task because youths of today are very knowledgeable and more demanding compared to their predecessors.

“That’s why a lot of the movement’s approaches to doing things, including forming strategies, have to change,” he said, adding that his immediate task at hand would be to prepare the state’s youth workforce for the state’s second wave of development programme namely, Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

He said as part of this preparation, Saberkas would use the RM1 million fund allocated by the government to provide educational loans to the youths.

Among those present were Assistant Minister of Local Government Datuk David Teng, Sarikei MP Ding Kuong Hiing, Lambir assemblyman and Saberkas secretary general Aidan Wing, political secretary to the Chief Minister and Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie, Sarikei Resident Michael Dawi, District Officer Abang Mohd Porkan Abang Budiman and district Saberkas secretary and organising chairman Ibrahim Tuah. 

RAYA MONEY: Johari (third right) presents ‘duit raya’ to children as (from right) Ding, Abu Seman, Ibrahim, Teng and Aidan look on.

[2009-09-08] Saberkas berperanan bangunkan masyarakat

Oleh Wan Ali Amit

Setiap Exco punyai peranan memberi pelbagai kemahiran dan latihan kepada ahli-ahli: Abang Johari

KUCHING: Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) telah memainkan peranan utama dalam pembangunan masyarakat negeri ini dalam pelbagai bidang, kata Presidennya Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg.

Beliau yang juga Menteri Perumahan berkata, setiap Exco Saberkas mempunyai peranan masing-masing dalam memberi pelbagai kemahiran dan latihan kepada ahli-ahlinya di negeri ini.

Justeru katanya, sumbangan Saberkas dalam meningkatkan taraf sosioekonomi masyarakat pelbagai kaum di negeri ini ternyata memberi manfaat kepada semua.

“Saberkas telah menyediakan kemahiran serta latihan yang mencukupi dalam pelbagai teknologi moden untuk meningkatkan sosioekonomi masyarakat, justeru membantu pembangunan negeri,” katanya berucap dalam majlis penyampaian sumbangan Hari Raya kepada anak-anak yatim dan berbuka puasa di sebuah hotel terkemuka di sini semalam.

Hadir sama Menteri Muda Pembangunan Infrastruktur dan Perhubungan Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Ahli Dewan Undangan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Tarat Roland Sagah, ADUN Pantai Damai Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, ADUN Samariang Sharifah Hasidah Syeed Aman Ghazali serta para exco Saberkas Negeri.

Menurut Abang Johari, dalam pertanian umpamanya baru-baru ini Menteri Muda Pertanian dan Sumber Manusia yang juga Exco Saberkas Negeri Datin Fatimah Abdullah mengumumkan bahawa Saberkas akan melaksanakan projek pertanian untuk ahli-ahlinya di Miri.

Katanya, dengan adanya projek pembangunan pertanian itu maka ahli-ahli Saberkas dan masyarakat negeri ini mendapat manfaat daripadanya.

“Selain bidang pertanian, Saberkas juga akan mengadakan seminar pembangunan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) kepada masyarakat negeri ini”.

Abang Johari menarik perhatian, pelbagai projek pembangunan yang dilaksanakan oleh Saberkas itu adalah untuk membawa pembangunan lebih pesat di negeri ini menjelang 2030.

Beliau menambah, generasi muda perlu mempergunakan dan merebut segala peluang kemahiran dan latihan yang disediakan itu untuk membantu kerajaan meletakkan Sarawak sebagai sebuah negeri maju.

“Saya percaya dengan adanya peluang pembangunan yang disediakan maka masyarakat kita dapat menikmatinya hingga ke generasi akan datang,” katanya.

Kira-kira 200 anak yatim dari kawasan Satok, Tupong dan Petra Jaya (Samariang) menerima sumbangan Hari Raya yang dianjurkan bersama oleh Saberkas, Persatuan Kebajikan Petra Jaya (PKPJ), Eastcorp dan Hotel Merdeka Palace.

[2009-09-05] Haze not over yet in S’wak: Dr Rauf

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING: Sarawak is not exactly in the clear yet as far as the haze is concerned because hotspots are still detected due to open burning in a neighbouring country.

Environment Assistant Minister Dr Abang Abdul Rauf Abang Zen said yesterday according to the Meteorological Department, the Air Pollutant Index (API) remained at a healthy level now.

“Although the situation seems to be improving due to rain, it does not mean that the haze is over.

“Therefore, the people are advised not to conduct any open burning to ensure the API stays at the healthy level,” he told reporters during the ‘Bubur Lambuk’ and ‘Bubur Pedas’ festival organised by the Saberkas Unit of Tanjung Selatan at Kampung Senari, Jalan Bako here.

Dr Rauf, who is Demak Laut assemblyman, said the state government was always prepared to combat the haze situation.

He said the soonest Sarawak could get out of the haze situation was by early October.

At the function earlier, Dr Rauf encouraged youths, especially those in Demak Laut area to participate in training programmes initiated by the government.

He said they should co-operate with each other to bring progress and development to their village.

The assistant minister added that there was a capacity building programme initiated at Demak Laut area which was aimed at increasing the income of the family there.

He advised the youth there to know more about the programme by visiting its website

Among those present at the festival were Saberkas Unit Tanjung Selatan vice-chairman Abang Abdul Aziz Abang Abdul Rauf, Unit Saberkas Tanjung Selatan chairman Rudi Affendi Khalik, Kampung Senari village headman Ali Amit and Masjid Darul Iman committee member Dahlan Muntol.

DELICIOUS: Dr Rauf (second right) and Rudi stir the ‘Bubur Lambuk’ which was later distributed to the villagers of Kampung Senari. Also seen are (from left) Dahlan, Ali and Aziz.

[2009-09-01] Saberkas to equip youths for SCORE advancement

KUCHING: Youth organisation Saberkas will play its role fully to prepare the younger generation for future challenges as the state advances towards a modern economy by 2030 when the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) matures.

Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who is also Saberkas president, told journalists after the state-level National Day celebration yesterday that Saberkas would act as a mechanism to equip the state’s youth.

“We will go down to the lowest level of the society and our younger generation must be ready to equip themselves with the essential knowledge and skill to cope with future needs.

“It is not from top to bottom but bottom-up. Then, the organisation (Saberkas) will have a mechanism to achieve the objective expected from the bottom level of society,” he said.

Johari explained that this was pertinent as the communities must look to the future while aware of ongoing changes.

“The civil society we are talking about is that, there are certain changes but they must be accustomed to the current system. It must be manageable so that the changes will benefit members of society.

“Saberkas will be there for the future generation, and thus they must get prepared to cope with varied situations and then to benefit all in society,” he said.

Meanwhile Johari, who is the minister-in-charge of this year’s state-level National Day celebration, thanked the government departments and agencies involved in making the celebration a success.

“I think it is ‘meriah’ (joyous) enough. And the address of the chief minister has stressed the importance of unity among the people and leaders who must play their respective role to see continued progress until 2030,” he said.

This year’s celebration was the first to be held indoors, he said, and could also be the smallest scale in the last four decades.

“I think this is the first time we had it indoors because normally it is (in the) open. This may be the smallest ceremony held for Merdeka celebration because the last small scale I could remember was maybe 40 years ago,” he said.

On whether his ministry had any housing schemes for the Penan community, Johari answer: “Of course, we already have.”

He added that the ministry had set up service centres in certain Penan resettlement areas.

Johari pointed out that it would be a long process for the Penan community to join the mainstream process of development because of cultural factors.

“It is a new process and part of the culture can inhibit this process. We will continue building schools and of course other facilities as well. But it will take time and we will do it,” he said.

MOBBED BY MEDIA: Johari speaks to the media after the state-level National Day celebration at Stadium Perpaduan.

[2009-08-22] Saberkas gets 209ha food production site

By Georgette Tan

KUCHING: Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Sarawak (Saberkas) has been allocated 209ha of land at Kabuloh, Miri, as a permanent site for food production by members.

The project is scheduled to kick off next year, said the project’s chairwoman Datin Fatimah Abdullah, who is Assistant Minister of Agriculture (Home Economics and Training).

Fatimah said that ‘Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan’ (TKPM) Kabuloh project aimed to increase the income of farmers to over RM3,000 a month and create investment opportunities in the agriculture field.

“Apart from that, we also want to reduce imports, increase exports and optimise the usage of land,” she said during a press conference at Saberkas headquarters in Wisma Saberkas.

The land, which is located at Jalan Miri-Bintulu, will be divided into 65 lots of between one and six hectares each.

According to Fatimah, the area is divided into economic sizes and will be leased out to entrepreneurs for a period of 20 years.

“The state government has prepared state-owned land, while the federal government will be providing the basic infrastructure. Each entrepreneur will be responsible for building his own roads, drains and will foot his own maintenance cost,” she said.

A total of RM800,000 from the RM2 million allocated for the project has been released to fund the clearing of the site.

The crops recommended for planting at TKPM include pumpkin, watermelon, rock melon, honey dew, papaya, banana, guava, longan and vegetables.

Farmers, entrepreneurs or companies can apply if they are Malaysian citizens between 21 and 50 years old. They have to be committed and have the relevant knowledge and skills in agriculture.

They also have to be willing to take advice and professional assistance, as well as comply with the Tenancy Agreement with the stage government.

Successful applicants will also get assistance in the form of training, expertise, and plant subsidies.

Briefings will be conducted for target groups, and application forms will be distributed later. All applicants are required to prepare a simple working paper and attend an interview.

Saberkas is also organising an annual ‘Agriculture and Cottage Industry Competition for Sarawak Saberkas Entrepreneurs’ which will kick off next year.

“The aim of this contest is to encourage more Saberkas entrepreneurs to get involved and establish themselves in agriculture and cottage industry,” said Fatimah.

She said that in the last few years there were only a handful of Saberkas entrepreneurs who were seriously involved in agriculture and cottage industries.

“The Saberkas Sarawak Agriculture and Cottage Industry Committee proposed to focus on propelling them forward so that they are able to play a role of helping generate food production for the country,” she said.

The contest is open to all Saberkas entrepreneurs in Sarawak, 18 years and above, who are involved in planting, livestock, aquaculture or a cottage industry.

The objective of this competition is to recognise participation from entrepreneurs who contribute towards the development of the agriculture and cottage industry in Sarawak.

It also aims to cultivate interest in the industry amongst Saberkas members.

Prizes up for grabs include a cash prize of RM3,000 for first place, RM2,000 for second and RM1,000 for third. The cash prize amounts to RM24,000 for all four categories.

Registration closes on March 31 each year.

[2009-08-22] Sufficient rice for Hari Raya, assures Bernas

By Irene C

KUCHING: Bernas Corporation has assured that the supply of rice in the state will be sufficient during the upcoming Hari Raya celebration.

Its Sarawak chief operations officer Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendie said the current stockpile is sufficient for the next six months.

“One month rice consumption in Sarawak is 10,000 tonnes and there will be a slight increase during the festivities. I predict that ‘beras pulut’ or glutinous rice consumption will double instead of rice,” said Kamaluddin.

He said the current usage of 300 tonnes of ‘beras pulut’ may increase to 500 tonnes during the celebration.

‘Beras pulut’ is used for ‘lemang’ and ‘ketupat’, local delicacies which are popular during Hari Raya open houses.

The fasting month of Ramadan begins today and is expected to end on Sept 19, depending on the appearance of the new moon.

Kamaluddin spoke to reporters after a donation handing over ceremony yesterday.

Among those present were Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi and Tanjung Selatan Saberkas Unit chairman Rudi Affendi Khalik.

Bernas, donated RM30,000 for the ‘Ramadan Bubur Lambuk’ and Sarawak ‘Bubur Pedas’ Festival.

Jointly organised by the Tanjung Selatan Saberkas Unit, Bernas and Kolej Komuniti Kuching, the festival will be held at 17 locations.

The locations include Kampung Melayu, Bau; Kampung Landeh, Kuching; Kampung Senari, Kuching; Kampung Jaie, Sadong; and Kampung Tambey, Asajaya.

The festival is an extension of the Fiesta Bubur Lambuk Warisan, which has been held consecutively for four years, with ‘bubur pedas’ being introduced this year.

The porridge will be cooked through a gotong-royong system involving youths, Rakan Muda, Saberkas members, Kolej Komuniti students, and the public.

Themed ‘Khidmat Bakti Komuniti’ (community service contribution), the festival will also involve Sibu, Bau and Sematan.

[2009-08-22] Taman pengeluaran makanan RM2j di Miri

Oleh Wan Ali Amit

Saberkas tawar kepada ahlinya untuk bangun projek itu di Stesen Pertanian Kabuloh

KUCHING: Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) membuka langkah drastik dengan menawarkan kepada ahli-ahlinya untuk membangunkan projek Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) di Stesen Pertanian Kabuloh, Miri mulai tahun depan.

Menteri Muda di Pejabat Ketua Menteri (Sumber Manusia dan Latihan) Datin Fatimah Abdullah berkata projek bernilai RM2 juta itu merangkumi tanah seluas 209 hektar yang bakal dibangunkan oleh golongan usahawan pertanian dan syarikat-syarikat perladangan.

Beliau yang merupakan pengerusi jawatankuasa pelaksanaan projek itu memberitahu, projek TKPM menawarkan sebanyak 65 lot tanah dengan keluasan di antara satu hingga enam hektar untuk setiap peserta.

“Kita (Saberkas) mewujudkan projek TKPM di Kabuloh, Miri dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan pendapatan usahawan pertanian melebihi RM3,000 sebulan serta mewujudkan peluang pelaburan dalam bidang pertanian,” katanya dalam sidang media selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat jawatankuasa pelaksanaan projek itu di Ibu Pejabat Saberkas, Wisma Saberkas di sini semalam.

Menurut Fatimah, antara tanaman dicadangkan dalam projek TKPM itu seperti labu manis, tembikai, tembikai wangi, tembikai susu, betik, pisang, jambu batu, longan, sayur-sayuran dan integrasi tanaman.

Beliau yang juga Menteri Muda Pertanian berkata, penyertaan untuk projek pertanian itu adalah terbuka kepada ahli-ahli Saberkas seluruh negeri yang berminat, komited serta mempunyai ilmu dan pengalaman dalam bidang pertanian.

“Selain meningkatkan pendapatan usahawan, projek itu adalah bagi mengurangkan import dan meningkatkan eksport hasil pertanian serta mengoptimumkan penggunaan tanah.

“Kerajaan negeri menyediakan tanah milik negeri, manakala kerajaan pusat menyediakan infrastruktur asas manakala para pengusaha bertanggungjawab terhadap jalan ladang, perparitan, saliran dan sebarang kos pengurusan dan pembuatan,” katanya.

Fatimah menarik perhatian, kawasan ladang pertanian mengikut saiz yang ekonomik dan akan disewakan kepada pengusaha untuk tempoh 20 tahun.

Beliau menambah, antara bantuan yang akan dinikmati oleh para peserta projek itu seperti bantuan kursus dan latihan, kepakaran serta bantuan subsidi tanaman.

“Taklimat akan diberikan kepada kumpulan sasaran dan borang penyertaan boleh dipohon di semua cawangan Saberkas daerah masing-masing.

[2009-08-15] Ministry urged to tap young talents for animation sector

By Churchill Edward

KUCHING: The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Mosti) should have programmes and incentives for young talents with creative minds and innovative ideas.

Saberkas president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who is Housing Minister, said yesterday he would work with Mosti on ways to identify and attract youths into the develop-ment of the animation industry.

“There is a big economic potential in the industry and the youths should be interested or get involved in its development,” he said.

Johari was speaking to reporters after launching the Angkatan Zaman Mansang’s (Azam) ‘YES’ programme aimed at encouraging youths in Sarawak, aged between 18 and 25, to be more active in community projects.

He said he would meet Mosti top guns like its minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili and his deputy Fadillah Yusof to find out how they could contribute to the development of the animation industry.

He was asked if Malaysia had an equivalent to the Korean E-Sport Ministry to oversee and regulate the animation and electronic gaming sectors.

Johari said: “I have no idea whether we have it. But I will personally try to find out from Mosti on whether there is any possibility for us to identify the talent of young people in electronic sports like animation and so on.”

He said what the youth fantasised today could be a reality in the future.

“Fantasy can be a reality over a period of time. Last time I thought that the mobile phone which ‘James Bond’ (Sean Connery) used in the movie, was just a fantasy. But now you are using it without realising that it was just a fantasy many years ago.

“Last time we thought it was just a fantasy for James Bond (Connery era) to locate his enemies through a gadget. But now we can ‘google’ for ‘enemies’. It is now a reality. We can even ‘google’ our house. The beauty is that, you can do this through your handphone.

“What was fantasy before is now a reality. What is fantasy today may be a reality in the future,” he said when stressing the urgent need to locate youths with creative and innovative mind.

Johari then cited an example where the fantasy of a female tertiary student here could become a reality in the future.

He said he met the student at Lim Kok Wing University here, adding that the student designed a spaceship based on the figure of a catfish. “To me, the catfish design makes a better spaceship design than one created by Nasa,” he said.

He said animation was a ‘must’ area which the youths should explore.

He said Walt Disney and Hollywood had managed to export their idea to Asia and bring about Bollywood which was now a success story in Asia.

“Hollywood, upon its migration to Asia and becoming Bollywood, has managed to transform the society. Then they have this new technology called animation.”

He said since Sarawak had a number of folklores which could be animated, there were ample opportunities for talented youths to bank on.

“We have a lot of stories based on our folklores and we can create the characters through graphic design. Then we can come up with our own stories which can be translated in English or Spanish,” he said.

He said these were the economic potentials - based on Sarawakian culture - which the youths could make something out of. “The Sarawak Regatta can be turned into an electronic sport,” he said.

He said the regatta was about boat racing skills and how one could manoeuvre the boat was important.

Johari said there must be incentives to lure young talents with creative mind.

“Azam has taken a challenge through its programmes to identify talents. Of course there are rewards. Their (young talents) ideas will be documented. I’m also keen to work closely with Mosti on this - to find out what sort of programmes they are having now for talented people,” he said.

Azam chief executive officer Datu Aloysius Dris said ‘YES’ stands for ‘Youth Empowered and Engaged to Serve’.

Members of the YES group will be asked to identify features, quality, traditions, customs or products which the Sarawakian society could be proud of and would want to preserve and sustain.

“As far as the approaches that could be adopted by the youth groups are concerned, these may be an act of service; an entrepreneurial venture which could raise funds for community development or; the groups could develop a service or product that make use of the community’s natural resources (social enterprise),” he said.

Aloysius said the conservative number of YES members might be 12 by November.

“We should be able to get a fair number to start on something. We are intensifying the publicity effort.

“We will get the involvement of the schools and tertiary ins-titutions towards this. The pro-gramme will be an ongoing one.

“What we would like to see is that it will spin off to other areas. There may be spin-off projects upon documentation of the YES programme and also upon sharing information with the public or when we are trying to get more people interested in it,” he said.

He said the age bracket of 18 to 25 was selected because the group would be overflowing with creative and innovative ideas.

However Azam would review the age bracket in the future or when the need arose, Aloysius said.

On another topic, Aloysius said Azam did not look at dances as dances per se.

“If you ask me, we don’t look at a dance just as dance. We look beyond that dance. We are rich in culture as can be seen in the last Rainforest World Music Festival.

“There is a huge potential in RWMF for Sarawak to share with the world,” he said when reacting to Johari’s suggestion that the ngajat and gendang should be blended and such idea - like the Japanese karaoke - be exported to the rest of the world.

Saberkas secretary-general Aidan Wing was among those present at the YES launching event held at Merdeka Palace Hotel here.

[2009-08-02] Sematan, Lundu have tourism potential: Johari

LUNDU: Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Sarawak (Saberkas) is making sure that its youths do not miss out on the opportunity to help Sematan and Lundu become key players in the state’s tourism industry.

“Sematan and Lundu have the potential to contribute significantly to the tourism industry. This is why we are training our youths now so that they will be able to develop the service industry,” said state Saberkas president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg,

Speaking at the opening of the new Saberkas Lundu branch office yesterday, Johari added that the government was placing great emphasis on the kind of training given to post-Independence generation, and Saberkas had been entrusted to produce an intelligent community capable of developing the state.

“Saberkas is an organisation with membership drawn from all races, religions and background. Yet, we are able to work together under one roof. This is the spirit of Sarawak. Our Prime Minister wants a 1Malaysia, but Saberkas has been practising 1Sarawak for a long time.”

Sarawak’s top two strengths were its culture and natural resources, he said.

“There is a lot of emphasis on these two fields. Our younger generation has to be prepared to develop these two areas so that it will become an attraction and a strong point in building a united community.”

Johari also said that the old State Legislative Assembly building would be converted into a centre for arts housing all the cultures of Sarawak, and a tourist attraction in its own right.

“The future of Lundu and Sematan is promising because Kuching not far away is an international travel hub, with connectivity to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Visitors will be interested in experiencing our rich natural heritage, which Lundu has in abundance.”

Johari also announced the formation of several Saberkas sub-committees to further this motion.

“We have asked our vice-president Naroden Majais to organise an approach for us to train our youths in tourism-related industries. He and his team will be identifying and training individuals in the relevant fields.”

On the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), Johari said that Saberkas deputy president Datuk Douglas Uggah would be spearheading efforts to identify fields that Saberkas youths could take on.

“This has to be a systematic approach. We lack in programmers, software engineers, sound engineers and graphic designers.

“With an approach that meets the development needs of Sarawak, we in Saberkas will find the best way to create a new generation that will bring the state to the next level.”

In this speech, Saberkas Lundu chairman James Wong expressed the hope that the new office would bring greater success to the district.

“My sincere wish for the next 20 years is to see youths successful in business. This is just an office but it is a beginning. We hope that it will help us in our journey to turn Lundu into an exemplary district.”

Also present were Tanjung Datu assemblyman Dato Sri Adenan Satem, Saberkas secretary general Aidan Wing, and Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi.

[2009-08-02] Generasi muda perlu bersedia membangunkan S’wak dalam bidang kebudayaan, sumber alam

LUNDU: Generasi muda perlu menyiapkan diri mereka untuk menerajui dan membangunkan negeri ini terutama dalam bidang kebudayaan dan sumber alam.

Menteri Perumahan Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg berkata, ini kerana kekayaan budaya dan sumber alam Sarawak menjadi tarikan dan kekuatan dalam membina masyarakat bersatu dan membangun.

Justeru katanya, kerajaan memberi penekanan kepada generasi muda dengan melatih mereka dalam kedua-dua bidang berkenaan.

“Misalnya Saberkas sebagai pertubuhan belia di Sarawak diberi amanah untuk membantu mewujudkan masyarakat celik ilmu dan berusaha membangunkan negeri ini."

“Malah Saberkas juga merupakan platform yang membolehkan rakyat Sarawak khasnya belia yang mempunyai latar belakang berlainan dapat bekerja di bawah satu bumbung dan satu semangat,” katanya ketika berucap dalam majlis perasmian pejabat Saberkas Daerah Lundu, di sini, semalam.

Abang Johari berkata, daerah Lundu dan Sematan juga berpotensi besar menyumbang kepada kepesatan industry pelancongan negeri ini.

“Justeru kita hendaklah melatuh sumber manusia kita iaitu generasi muda supaya mereka dapat membangunkan bidang perkhidmatan yang berpaksikan industri pelancongan,” jelasnya.

Beliau yang juga presiden Saberkas berkata, daerah Lundu dan Sematan berpotensi cerah untuk maju dalam industri pelancongan.

“Dengan ini kita memberi penekanan kepada generasi muda khasnya belia yang terlibat dalam Saberkas Lundu berkecimpung dalam bidang pelancongan,” kata Abang Johari.

Katanya, Saberkas juga tidak ketinggalan dalam menyumbang kepada Koridor Tenaga Diperbaharui Sarawak (SCORE) yang berpaksikan sumber alam.

“Saberkas akan melatih anak-anak muda dengan ilmu yang ada hubung kaitnya dengan pembangunan yang sedang berlaku di kawasan tengah negeri ini iaitu industri besar dan industri berteknologi tinggi yang memerlukan anak-anak muda yang berilmu dan berkemahiran tinggi,” tegas beliau.

Menurutnya, Saberkas yang bermesyuarat di Mukah baru-baru ini akan mewujudkan pendekatan bagi melatih generasi muda dalam bidang industri yang berkaitan dengan industri kecil atau sederhana berpaksikan pelancongan.

“Kita telah meminta Naib Presiden Saberkas Naroden Majais menubuhkan pendekatan bagi melatih generasi muda dalam perindustrian.

“Beliau (Naroden) dan ahli-ahlinya mempunyai satu pelan tindakan bagi mengenal pasti, memberi latihan dan seterusnya diberi sokongan kewangan daripada institusi kewangan bagi menjana kegiatan yang berpaksikan perkhidmatan ini kepada generasi muda,” ujarnya.

Seterusnya bagi peringkat SCORE pula, Abang Johari menyatakan, Timbalan Presidennya Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas yang menerajui jawatankuasa bagi mengenal pasti bidang-bidang sesuai yang dapat diceburi belia negeri ini yang mempunyai latihan sistematik.

Abang Johari berkata dengan adanya bangunan sendiri di seluruh negeri ini, Saberkas diharap dapat melatih anak muda tanpa mengira latar belakang supaya mereka dapat memainkan peranan dalam proses pembangunan.

Sementara itu Pengerusi Seberkas Lundu James Wong berkata, pengwujudan pejabat Saberkas Lundu diharap mampu membawa kemajuan kepada Saberkas daerah berkenaan sambil berharap akan mempunyai bangunan sendiri selepas lima atau enam tahun akan datang.

Hadir sama Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Tanjong Datu Dato Sri Adenan Satem, Setiausaha Agung Saberkas Aidan Wing dan ADUN Pantai Damai Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi.


[2009-08-02] Saberkas committed to help youth tap tourism potential: Johari


LUNDU: The younger generation must be guided to tap the potential of Sarawak's rich culture and natural resources, opined Saberkas President, Datuk Amar Haji Abang Johari Tun Openg.

Speaking at the opening of Saberkas Lundu District office here yesterday, Johari pointed out that such guidance was vital considering the fact that culture and natural resources were two important factors in the tourism industry, which could augur well for the socio-economic development of the people.

Efforts must be made in earnestness so that the younger generation could play their role in coping with the influx of tourists to Sarawak with the open sky policy, whereby more and more direct flights would be lured in from such places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other countries, he added.

"Lundu and Sematan very obviously possess great tourism potential and Saberkas undertakes to play its role in tandem with such development," said Johari.

He urged the Sarawak Foundation to assist in the development of the youth to acquire education up to diploma level to meet the needs of the mid-management requirement, particularly when opportunities would be made available with the implementation of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

On Saberkas district offices, he mentioned that consideration was made to set up one each in Betong and Lawas soon.

Speaking to Sunday Eastern Times after the function, Johari revealed that 10 apprentices had been assigned to Pakma Automobile Services in Lundu as part of the 'Training-While-Working' programme organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Saberkas is tasked to select the 10 local youth to be attached to Pakma Automobile Services, a Bumiputera-owned automobile workshop managed by Lucia Tasing to train youth to acquire mecahnical skills.

Under the programme, the participating youths are required to undertake six-month apprenticeship and paid monthly allowance of RM300 each.

"We are monitoring this programme to obtain accurate input so that we know what course of actions to chart further," he explained.

Also speaking at the function was Saberkas Lundu District Chairman, James Wong.

Also present were Tanjung Datu State Assemblyman, Dato Sri Haji Adenan Haji Satem, Saberkas Secretary-General, Aidan Wing, Opar State Assemblyman, Ranum Mina, Saberkas Organising Secretary, Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, former Tanjung Datu State Assemblyman, Datuk Ramsay Noel Jitam and Lundu District Officer, Azmi Haji Bujang.

JOHARI signing a plaque to officially open of Saberkas Lundu District office,

witnessed by (from left) Adenan, Ranum, Wong, Aidan and Dr Abdul Rahman.

[2009-07-19] SAINS launches 4th ICT Service Centre

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd (SAINS) and the Ministry of Rural Development launched the fourth ICT Service Centre at Kampung Tambirat Asajaya on Friday.

The centre, called D'Amy ICT Centre, is owned and operated by 20-year-old Mohammad Seimi Amit, a 2008 RIGHT (Rural ICT Guided Home-based Technopreneur ) programme graduate.

The Assistant Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, Hamsein Atar, said that the ICT centre would allow youth and villagers in the area to acquire basic ICT knowledge and learned how to be in touch and link up with the rest of the world.

He said with the ICT centre in the village, the perspective of the villagers on ICT and computer knowledge would widen and this would help to narrow the digital gap.

He said nowadays, computer would be needed in everyday life where anyone could access information to help them in their chores.

Hamsein said the facilities would give the users so much convenience like paying bills online.

He revealed that the other three centres that were already operational were in Betong, Sambangan and Lundu, and the latest in Kampung Tambirat was the first for Kota Samarahan area.

He said the project had provided good income for the youth and school leavers, who could earn between RM1,000 and RM1,500 a month.

The Chief Executive Officer of SAINS, Teo Tien Hiong, said they were always happy to help youths to be successful in ICT business.

He said the Ministry of Rural Development would spend RM10,000 per candidate and SAINS would help in training the candidate to be ICT literate and organising the schedules and covering travelling cost.

He said the success of the programme was purely due to the two organisations working closely together to train more youth to become technopreneur.

Teo said their objectives were to help shape and develop the future of the youth through ICT.

He later presented certificates to 11 RIGHT graduates who were all from Kampung Tambirat.
Teo and Hamsein also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and D'Amy ICT Centre.

The centre will provide hands-on computer training to members of Saberkas Tambirat, 3D Tambirat, Kumpulan Wanita Kampung Tambirat and Persatuan Melayu Pesisir.

[2009-07-18] Belia perlu dibangunkan potensi bagi merealisasi gagasan 1Malaysia

KUCHING: Golongan belia di negara ini perlu dibangunkan potensinya bagi merealisasikan gagasan 1Malaysia dengan melaksanakan pendekatan baru dalam program pembangunan belia.

Sehubungan itu, Setiausaha Agung Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) Aidan Wing berkata setiap program pembangunan belia mesti dinilai berdasarkan impaknya kepada golongan tersebut dan juga pulangan yang setimpal dengan peruntukan yang dibelanjakan.

“Secara relalitinya, belia negara berhadapan banyak cabaran dan gaya hidup baru dan kini tiba masanya kita memiliki ‘world-view’ yang tepat dan memastikan minda kita pada tahap zaman yang betul.

“Namun, keterbukaan minda dan perubahan budaya janganlah sampai menghakis patriotisme dalam diri kita,” katanya berucap merasmikan majlis penutupan Program Integrasi Nasional 3S (Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak) di sini pada malam Khamis lepas.

Hadir sama Setiausaha Tetap Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial dan Urbanisasi (KPSU) Ik Pahon Joyik.

Selain itu katanya, persepsi masyarakat terhadap golongan belia kini juga perlu diperbetulkan kerana semakin wujud persepsi masyarakat yang memandang negatif dan menganggap belia sebagai satu liabiliti atau bebanan kepada negara semakin kedengaran.

Justeru, beliau berharap pelaksanaan Program Integrasi Nasional 3S mampu memberi kesan proaktif kepada golongan belia pada masa kini.

Katanya, golongan belia merupakan generasi pewaris, nadi dan indikator serta mencerminkan maju atau mundur ekonomi, perubahan budaya, struktur pekerjaan dan konsep kenegaraan sesebuah negara.

“Gagasan 1Malaysia dapat dicapai sekiranya generasi belia berusaha berjuang untuk masa depan dengan ciri kewarganegaraan satu bangsa, satu bahasa dan satu negara,” katanya.

Seorang peserta program dari Sarawak, Mohd Hamrizan, 20, berkata dia memperolehi banyak pengalaman dan pengetahuan berhubung budaya, tradisi, muzik, makanan dan bahasa suku kaum yang terdapat di Malaysia.

“Saya berasa amat bertuah kerana dapat menyertai program sebegini yang memberi impak kepada saya untuk mengenali kaum lain di Malaysia dengan lebih mendalam lagi,” katanya.

Selain itu katanya, program tersebut juga berkesan dalam mengeratkan silaturahim serta mewujudkan perpaduan di kalangan peserta yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum dan agama.

Manakala seorang peserta dari Sabah, Wan Maliza Wan Mohd, 27, berkata dengan menyertai program tersebut, dia buat pertama kali telah didedahkan dengan budaya dan tradisi masyarakat Dayak di sini.

“Apabila kami pergi ke Kampung Annah Rais, Padawan di sini, kami telah didedahkan dengan budaya, tarian, rumah tradisional dan banyak lagi berkenaan masyarakat Bidayuh.

Sementara itu, seorang peserta dari Kelantan, Muhamad Ikhwan Ibrahim, 22, berkata dia amat tertarik dengan budaya dan tradisi khususnya dari Sabah dan Sarawak.

Program Integrasi Nasional 3S disertai seramai 24 peserta yang terdiri daripada ahli persatuan belia dari Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak.

Program tersebut mula dari 3 hingga 15 Julai lepas, anjuran bersama KPSU dan Jabatan Belia dan Sukan.

[2009-07-11] Saberkas Sibu futsal for youths next month

SIBU: Saberkas Unit Sibu Town Proper in collaboration with Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation, and Belia Taman Rejang will organise a futsal Open championship for youths on August 1 and 2.

According to a spokeman of the organising committee, Fauzi Dayak, the championship would be divided into male and female categories, and it would be held at the indoor stadium in Bukit Lima.

The objective is to popularise futsal among the youths in this Division.

"Hopefully, it will be able to produce players who can be trained further to represent the Division if not the state or country," he said.

Lucrative prizes inlcuding cash await the top three winners.

The registration fee is RM150 for the men's team and RM100 for the women's.

Forms are available from Nur Ain stall No.29 Taman Harmoni, Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation, Tun Zaidi Stadium dan Dewan MMB in Kampung Hilir.

The closing date for entries is 5pm on July 29.

Call Fauzi at 019-8386452, Halel Ibrahim (013-8117850) or Mary Vivian (013-8394403) for more information.

[2009-07-09] Talk on Sex Education on The Young


BINTULU: Parents are asked not to feel apprehensive about imparting basic knowledge on sex to their children.

Counsellor Teoh Gaik Kin said sex education could start for the child as early an age as two years old.

"We can begin with teaching the children the different parts of the human body and the differences between the female and male body," she said.

Teoh said parents must also used correct terminology to describe various parts and organs of the human body even when describing the sexual organs of the human body.

"Most parents are uneasy and always use other words to describe them, which is believed not proper," she added.

Teoh was the speaker invited to deliver a talk on 'How To Talk To Children About Sex' at Bintulu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry last Tuesday evening. The function formed part of the one-week long Sex Holiness Campaign organised by the SMK Kidurong Alumni Association in collaboration with 15 local non-governmental organisatons (NGOs) including SABERKAS Bandar Jaya Unit. Teoh pointed out that using illustrations or drawings could help children to have a better understanding of the subject.
However, parents no need to give a full detail on the subject when explaining to the children, she said.
She said different approaches must be adopted when telling young children.

"During puberty, the teenagers are full of curiosity and parents must not let their children explore the topic on sex on their own," she cautioned.

Teoh said if teenagers were allowed to access the Internet to study about sex education, they would most likely end up acquiring the wrong information, if not misguided. Teoh also pointed out most Asian families regarded sex as a taboo topic and seldom discuss it at home.

"If you feel you are not confident of explaining to your children on the subject, read more from books or through research from the Internet," she continued.

She also emphasised children must be taught on the sanctity of sex and that it is the divine gift reserved for married couples.

"Otherwise there will be lots of heartaches for parents to see their young children having unwanted pregnancies," said Teoh

She said their teenaged children must be told of the heavy responsibility involved in raising a family in terms of financial stability and job security.

Among those present were SABERKAS Bintulu District Chairman, Paul Teo with his Secretary Desmond Chong and Chairlady of SABERKAS Bandar Jaya Unit, Jenny Wong.

[2009-07-07] Kerajaan Negeri bina masjid baru Lambir

Oleh Rosemaria Buma

Ia bagi menggantikan masjid lama Kampung TAR yang sudah lama dan uzur, kata Aidan

MIRI: Kerajaan Negeri akan membina sebuah masjid baru bertempat di kawasan Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Lambir dekat sini yang dijangkakan memulakkan projeknya seawal tahun depan bagi menampung keperluan dan populasi umat Islam di kawasan itu.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Lambir, Aidan Wing berkata pembinaan masjid itu adalah bagi menggantikan bangunan sedia ada yang telah lama dan uzur.

“Kerja-kerja menembok tanah di tapak pembinaan seluas satu setengah ekar itu akan dilakukan lebih awal iaitu dalam tempoh terdekat ini sebelum kerja-kerja mendirikan bangunan dilaksanakan awal tahun depan,” ujar beliau lanjut.

Justeru katanya, bagi tujuan itu sejumlah RM500,000 telah diperuntukan kerajaan menerusi Menteri di Jabatan Ketua Menteri, Menteri Muda (Hal Ehwal Islam) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman baru-baru ini.

Aidan memberitahu demikian ketika berucap pada majlis ringkas penyerahan geran di bawah projek kecil luar bandar (MRP) kepada Masjid Al-Firdaus Taman Tunku di sini tengah hari Ahad lalu.

Geran dalam bentuk cek bernilai RM5,000 itu telah disampaikan beliau sendiri kepada pengerusi masjid, Mohamad Hamit Basar.

Pada majlis sama, Aidan turut menyampaikan cek bernilai RM4,000 kepada Saberkas Unit Taman Tunku, Jawatankuasa Rukun Tetangga Kawasan Taman Tunku (Jiran Wanita - RM4,000) dan Persatuan Wartawan Utara Sarawak (NSJA) sebanyak RM3,000.

Hadir sama pada majlis itu ialah Kaunselor Zainani Salleh, pengerusi Saberkas Unit Taman Tunku Arbi Lai dan pengerusi Jiran Wanita Taman Tunku Salmah Morshidi.

Sehubungan itu katanya satu jawatankuasa pembinaan yang dipengerusikan sendiri oleh Ahli Parlimen Sibuti, Ahmad Lai Bujang akan ditubuhkan untuk memantau perkembangan projek berkenaan bagi memastikan ia berjalan lancar dan mengikut jadual.

Menurut Aidan, masjid baru itu dibina bagi menggantikan bangunan masjid sedia ada yang telah berusia hampir 40 tahun serta telah uzur dan tidak selamat lagi digunakan.

“Adalah menjadi harapan saya, apabila masjid itu siap sepenuhnya nanti, ia akan dapat menampung jumlah jemaah yang semakin ramai menunaikan ibadah sembahyang di masjid berkenaan pada setiap masa,” ujar beliau lanjut.

Jelasnya, masalah kesempitan ruang ini jelas kelihatan ketika ramai jemaah datang untuk menunaikan solat Jumaat dan sembahyang Hari Raya Puasa.

Dalam pada itu, Aidan turut berkata beliau akan memberi sepenuh sokongan terhadap cadangan untuk membina sebuah lagi bangunan masjid baru di kawasan Taman Tunku bagi menggantikan masjid sedia ada.

“Saya akan berusaha untuk bekerjasama dengan pihak yang terbabit dalam menjadikan cadangan itu satu kenyataan bagi,” ujar beliau sambil menambah adalah wajar kawasan seluas Taman Tunku untuk memiliki sebuah masjid yang lebih besar berikutan jumlah penduduk di kawasan perumahan itu semakin bertambah saban hari.

[2009-06-30] Erni, Zamirzuan win singing contest


KUCHING: SABERKAS will cooperate with the State Culture and Arts Department to organise the Bintang Asli Remaja Sarawak singing competition all over the state in future, according to its President Datuk Amar Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Johari. suggested the competition to be held at all divisions.
"Bintang Asli Remaja is a good platform to preserve the traditional music in society, especially for the younger generation," he said at the closing of Bintang Asli Remaja 2009, organised by Tanjong Selatan SABERKAS unit and State Culture and Arts Department.
Johari, who is also Housing Minister, said members of the different communities in the state could take part in the event which also aimed for unity in a multi-racial society through the 1 Malaysia concept.
Also present was Deputy Director of State Culture and Arts Department, Saini Lihi.
Erni Enisha emerged as the champion in the women's category while Zamirzuan Azlan won in the men's category. Each of the winners walked away with RM700 cash, a trophy and certificate.
Abang Johari presenting the first prize to Ermi Enisha.

[2009-06-29] Mawan: 1Malaysia door of opportunity

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The 1Malaysia concept could be the door of opportunity for the ethnic communities in Sarawak to catch up and be on par with other races in the country, particularly in business and economic fields.

Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri William Mawan said the 1Malaysia concept could be interpreted to mean that all races in the country would be able to participate in all vital sectors in the country.

Happy that Sarawak is the living example of 1Malaysia’s model for racial unity, he hoped the concept would also enable the races in Sarawak to have greater participation in the country’s development.

He said no single race would feel marginalised if they were presented equal opportunities under the 1Malaysia concept to improve their socio-economy.

“Under the 1Malaysia concept, Sarawak can have a steady ride towards achieving a developed state status,” he said at the Gawai closing (Ngiling Tikai) of Samarahan division-level Gawai celebrations at the civic centre here.

The function was organised by Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Muara Tuang Division in collaboration with Sarawak National Youth Organisation (Saberkas) Samarahan district.

Also present were Muara Tuang assemblyman Dato Sri Mohammad Ali Mahmud, Sebuyau assemblyman Julaihi Narawi, Samarahan Resident Rodziah Morshid, a political secretary to the chief minister Ripin Lamat and local community leaders. Still on the 1Malaysia concept, Mawan who is also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president hoped the younger generations in Sarawak would carry on the legacy of tolerating and respecting other races.

“The spirit of goodwill among different races in Sarawak must be continued by the present generation and the many generations to come,” he said. Meanwhile, Ali in his speech reminded the people of Samarahan to continue supporting Barisan Nasional to enable more development to take place in the area.

He said there needed to be continuity for development in Samarahan, known as Sarawak’s centre for higher learning, research and technology, so that there would be better infrastructure and amenities for the people.

“I believe that with the cooperation and the unity that we have, our aspirations to make Samarahan a developed area can be realised,” he said.

At the same function, various activities related to Gawai were also organised as part of the itinerary. They included ‘Ngeruntuh ke Ranyai’ (dancing around the tree filled with gifts before cutting off the gift) and Kumang (beauty pageant) contest.

Wandylia Salleh, 19, from Kampung Nangka was adjudged the Kumang champion. In second place was Viviana Danly of Kampung Melaban, while Cordelia Lawrence Laron of Kuching came in third.

For the win, Wandylia took home RM1,000, Viviana (RM700) and Cordelia (RM500).


[2009-06-15] Organise more people's activities, Saberkas units told

SIBU: Saberkas units were yesterday urged to organise more activities for their members and people living in their respective areas.
Pelawan assemblyman Vincent Goh Chung Siong in giving this message said that community-based activities would help to strengthen closer rapport among the people of many races and creed.
He said this when opening a children colouring contest organised by Sungai Merah Saberkas Unit in conjunction with Mother's Day Celebrations at the civic centre here yesterday.
Goh also called on the youths here to join the state's largest  youth organisation, where they could learn to become good leaders, among others.

[2009-06-03] S’wakians can be prominent globally: Johari

S’wakians can be prominent globally: Johari
By Zora Chan

KUCHING: Sarawakian students can be prominent international figures in their respective fields of expertise with the right exposure and education counselling, said Sarawak United National Youth Organisation (Saberkas) president Datuk Amar Abang Johari.

He was confident Sarawakian students could be as famous as Microsoft founder Bill Gates or Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, if they focused and strived hard in their studies and knew what to pursue during their tertiary education.

He cited the example of meeting a prominent investment banker in Singapore who hailed from the rural seaside village of Lundu.

“Sarawakians, if given the right exposure and counselling, can be international figures anywhere in the world.

“I’m confident that our young people can do it because it’s just a matter of directing them,” he said when opening the 14th National Varsity Education Counselling Camp 2009 at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) in Samarahan on Sunday night.

About 120 students took part in the camp held by the Saberkas Kenyalang Park Unit in collaboration with Unimas.

It aimed to provide students with insight on tertiary courses and scholarships available.

Johari, who is Housing Minister, said students, therefore, must learn how to discern what they would like to be or do when they complete secondary school and work towards achieving those goals.

Looking at global trends, he said countries across the globe including Malaysia required more graduates of science and technology rather than the arts.

“Students in schools must know the future and know the right core subjects to take from now on, and pursue courses that will benefit the country and yourselves,” he said.

Malaysia used to be an agriculture-based economy, said Johari, but over the years had diversified its economy into manufacturing and services, and was now entering technology and resources to be exported as finished products.

Therefore, he said, students need to rise to the challenge of meeting the country’s needs as well as that of the world’s.

Johari said students must also have resilience and a strong spirit to face life’s many challenges, adding that the government and Saberkas had many programmes to empower today’s youth towards that end.

He commended the Saberkas Kenyalang Park Unit for holding the annual camp to guide future school leavers on the many education and career options they had, and how to pursue their ambitions.

[2009-06-03] Miliki ilmu dan kemahiran

Generasi muda negeri ini perlu berilmu pengetahuan, berkemahiran tinggi bagi bolehkan mereka bersaing di peringkat global

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Generasi muda negeri ini perlu memiliki ilmu pengetahuan serta kemahiran tinggi bagi membolehkan mereka bersaing di peringkat global.

Menteri Perumahan Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg berkata era globalisasi sekarang sememangnya menuntut generasi muda melangkapkan diri dengan ilmu pengetahuan tinggi.

Katanya, generasi muda merupakan pemimpin pelapis yang bakal mewarisi dan memacu pembangunan negeri ini pada masa akan datang.

“Saya yakin dengan ilmu dan kemahiran tinggi yang dimiliki generasi muda, maka segala perancangan dan usaha kita untuk terus memacu pembangunan negeri akan tercapai,” katanya berucap merasmikan Kem Kaunseling Pendidikan Universiti Kebangsaan Ke-14 di Kampus Barat Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), di sini malam Ahad lalu.

Kem Pendidikan anjuran bersama Unit Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) Kenyalang Park Kuching dan Unimas itu disertai 120 pelajar menengah dari Kuching/Samarahan.

Hadir sama Naib Canselor Unimas Profesor Dr Khairuddin Abdul Hamid dan Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri merangkap Pengerusi Saberkas Kenyalang Park Kuching Ku Fut Po.

Abang Johari yang juga Presiden Saberkas Negeri menegaskan pelbagai peluang pembelajaran dan latihan kemahiran disediakan untuk para belia meningkatkan ilmu pengetahuan masing-masing.

“Kita perlu berasa bangga kerana institusi pengajian tinggi seperti Unimas dan Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) yang terdapat di negeri ini mampu melahirkan generasi muda berilmu,” katanya.

Justeru, masyarakat dan pertubuhan-pertubuhan seperti Saberkas perlu memainkan peranan dalam membentuk serta membimbing generasi muda di landasan yang diimpikan.

Beliau berkata, banyak kejayaan dalam pelbagai bidang telah dicapai oleh generasi kita malah mereka juga berupaya bersaing di persada antarabangsa.

“Saya yakin dengan berbekalkan ilmu pengetahuan tinggi, masyarakat kita tidak akan ketinggalan dari segi pelajaran, ekonomi dan sebagainya,” ujar beliau.

Abang Johari menarik perhatian, dalam ledakan dunia sains dan teknologi masa kini sememangnya generasi muda perlu bersedia menghadapi pelbagai cabaran itu.

Justeru, masyarakat pelajar harus memahami serta mampu mencari jalan terbaik bagi membolehkan mereka mampu menghadapi dunia teknologi tanpa sempadan ini.

“Saya percaya pelajar yang berjaya melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat lebih tinggi akan mempunyai visi dan matlamat mereka untuk mencapai kecemerlangan,” katanya.

Kem tiga hari itu menyediakan pelbagai aktiviti dan latihan kepada para peserta bagi meningkatkan daya kreativiti serta kemahiran mereka dalam pelbagai bidang pendidikan.

[2009-05-27] Promote Pesta Pantai internationally: Abang Jo

MIRI: Miri could promote its Pesta Pantai event internationally as a tourism product, according to Minister of Housing, Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg.
He was officiating at the fiesta event held at Luak Bay Esplanade here yesterday.
"This activity should be commercialised like the Miri International Jazz Festival (MIJF) which had been published internationally," he added.
Johari also announced that he would arrange to bring Academy Fantasia artistes to the fiesta event next year. At the same time, he would bring ASTRO to televise the event so that the whole world would know about it. This, he said, would likely bring more tourists, especially foreigners, to Miri.
The fiesta event at Luak Bay Esplanade was organised by Saberkas. Thousands from Miri, Bintulu and Brunei attended the event.
Activities held during the fietsa event included "Ratu Kebaya" competition, "Tarik Tali" contest and beach soccer matches. Also presented at the event were Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Communication, Lee Kim Shin, and Sibuti Member of Parliament, Ahmad Lai Bujang.

[2009-05-26] Jadikan Miri seperti Hawaii

Oleh Mohd Norhadie Sahari

Pengiat, penduduk tempatan perlu ketengah pelbagai produk pelancongan dan keunikan yang ada di Miri

MIRI: Keunikan Miri dengan pantai yang bersih dan pelbagai produk pelancongan yang menarik telah berjaya mempopularkannya sebagai bandar raya peranginan utama yang sentiasa menjadi pilihan utama pelancong.

Menteri Perumahan Sarawak, Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg berkata Miri mempunyai pelbagai produk yang menarik dan harus diketengahkan supaya dapat mengamit kedatangan pelancong ke sini.

“Miri mempunyai pantai yang cantik serta keindahan alam semulajadinya, yang boleh diisi dengan aktiviti pantai seperti sukan pantai yang boleh menarik kedatangan pelancong ke sini,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian semasa berucap merasmikan majlis penutupan Pesta Pantai anjuran Saberkas dengan kerjasama Majlis Bandaraya Miri (MBM) sempena sambutan ulang tahun ke-4 pengisytiharan bandar raya Miri di Pantai Luak petang semalam.

Hadir sama di majlis itu ialah Menteri Muda Pembangunan Infrastruktur dan Perhubungan merangkap Pengerusi Saberkas Miri, Lee Kim Shin, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Lambir merangkap Setiausaha Agung Saberkas Sarawak, Aidan Wing, Ahli Parlimen Miri, Ahmad Lai Bujang serta ADUN Pantai Damai, Abdul Rahman Junaidi.

Abang Johari yang juga Presiden Saberkas berharap pihak yang berkaitan di Miri supaya menyokong usaha dan mempergiatkan promosi terhadap bandar raya ini dengan mengadakan pelbagai aktiviti yang mampu menarik pelawat.

“Kawasan pantai Miri bukan sahaja boleh dijadikan destinasi pelawat seperti Pantai Honolulu di Hawaii tetapi Miri dengan kesesuaian persekitarannya yang cantik boleh dijadikan pusat pelancongan pantai. Paling penting ialah promosi yang giat dan berterusan supaya negara luar mengenali Miri,” katanya.

Beliau mengingatkan mereka agar terus menjaga kecantikan dan kebersihan bandar raya ini, selain mengekalkan keindahan alam semulajadinya yang menjadi aset utama Miri sebagai destinasi percutian dan tumpuan pelawat.

Di majlis yang sama Abang Johari turut menyaksikan beberapa pertandingan akhir dan menyampaikan hadiah kepada para pemenang tarik tali, Ratu Pesta Pantai, bola sepak pantai dan sepak takraw.

“Pada tahun depan, kemungkinan kita akan mengundang Astro serta artis realiti televisyen, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip atau Hafiz AF untuk memeriahkan Pesta Pantai secara besar-besaran. Ia usaha kita untuk mempromosikan acara pantai kepada semua,” katanya.

[2009-05-25] Saberkas wadah penting wujud 1Sarawak

Oleh Sudan Ajang

Keahlian pertubuhan pelbagai kaum sebagai ejen penyatuan mantap: Abang Johari

LAMBIR: Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) dapat menjadi wadah penting dalam membantu mewujudkan konsep 1Sarawak sejajar dengan masyarakat berbilang kaum di negeri ini.

Presidennya, Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg berkata, ini terbukti dengan keahlian Saberkas yang dianggotai oleh pelbagai kaum seperti Melayu, Bidayuh, Iban, Cina dan Orang Ulu yang mana ikatan ini diumpamakan seperti keluarga.

“Keunikan ini menjadikan Saberkas satu ejen penyatuan yang mantap.

“Jika Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak memperkenalkan konsep 1Malaysia, kita di sini pula ada 1Sarawak,” katanya berucap pada majlis penyerahan bungkusan Gawai Dayak 2009 di Balai Raya Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lambir di sini semalam.

Abang Johari merangkap Menteri Perumahan berkata, semangat kekeluargaan dan 1Sarawak ini terbukti dengan usaha Saberkas mengagihkan sumbangan Hari Gawai Dayak kepada masyarakat Iban yang julung kali diadakan sejak penubuhannya.

“Setiap tahun Saberkas ada memberi sumbangan kepada semua kaum dan kali ini kita mengagihkan bantuan kepada kaum Iban yang meraikan Gawai Dayak,” katanya sambil menambah setiap tahun Saberkas menyediakan peruntukan RM5,000 hingga RM10,000 bergantung kepada keadaan.

Seramai 85 penduduk kampung dari sembilan rumah panjang di kawasan Lambir menerima hamper berupa makanan dan minuman ringan.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Saberkas akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan Ketua Menteri Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud hari ini (Isnin) bagi mendapatkan nasihat untuk menentukan hala tuju Saberkas.

“Memandangkan beliau adalah mantan presiden Saberkas, kita mahu berkongsi ilmu dan berbincang mengenai pendekatan yang lebih moden dalam memacu pembangunan ekonomi rakyat di negeri ini,” katanya.

Beliau dalam pada itu berterima kasih kepada Pehin Sri Taib di atas kepercayaan dan keyakinan melantik beliau untuk menerajui Saberkas.

Dalam konteks ini, katanya, Saberkas harus mempunyai semangat baru agar masyarakat khususnya belia terus maju dan ‘duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi’ dengan orang lain.

Tegasnya, perkara penting yang perlu dilakukan oleh Saberkas juga adalah mengukuhkan lagi hubungan antara kaum di negeri ini sejajar dengan kehidupan masyarakat yang saling menghormati dan bekerjasama.

Hadir sama ialah Timbalan Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun, Ahli Parlimen Sibuti Ahmad Lai Bujang, Menteri Muda Pembangunan Infrastruktur dan Perhubungan Lee Kim Shin dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Lambir merangkap setiausaha Saberkas, Aidan Wing.

[2009-04-27] Johari will take over from Taib

KUCHING: Saberkas, the 132,000-strong Sarawak premier youth organisation, has a new leadership after 28 years with Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud at the helm.

The change of guard came at its 13th triennial delegates conference in Mukah on Saturday which saw Taib stepping down as president to make way for his deputy Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who is state Housing Minister.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah is the new deputy president.

The three vice-presidents are Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Jacob Sagan, businessman Jason Tai and state Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communication Lee Kim Shin.

Johari thanked Taib for passing the leadership baton over to him and for having confidence in him to lead the youth movement.

As a parting gift, Taib announced a RM1mil grant to the organisation to encourage more young Sarawakians to make a career out of science, engineering and technological studies.

He said the state needed many engineers and skilled workers to work in sophisticated industries in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy (SCORE).

He said the state would also develop its vast potential in hydro-electricity to increase the generation capacity to 20,000MW by 2030, with the excess power generated exported to the peninsula and Asean countries.

The first major hydro-project in Bakun will produce up to 2,400MW of power once it’s operational in two years.

Construction work for the proposed 900MW Murum hydro-project located upstream of Bakun is now under way.

Sarawak has plans to build a dozen hydro dams in the central and northern regions.

[2009-04-25] Go for science and technology

By Conny Banji

Mastering the fields is achievable as Sarawak has four quality universities, says CM

MUKAH: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday urged young people to focus more on taking up science and technology-related studies to expedite the state’s economic development.

Speaking at Saberkas’ 13th triennial general meeting (TGM) held at Kingwood Resort yesterday, he said that to attract youths, Saberkas needed to raise their awareness and interest in science and technology fields.

Also with him at the event were his deputy Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang, Saberkas deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Abang Openg, Saberkas joint meeting chairman Dato Sri Muhammed Leo Toyad, Saberkas secretary-general Aidan Wing and other Saberkas supreme council members.

Taib said mastering science and technology is achievable considering that Sarawak has four universities which are on par with well-known foreign universities.

“For this matter, Saberkas can play its role effectively in encouraging youths to master science and technology,” he said.

Later in his speech, he announced a grant of RM1 million for Saberkas to achieve the purpose.

He also expressed a desire to see the young, especially students in rural areas, to master information and communication technology (ICT).

“Using the Internet, students can learn things that they cannot acquire in a formal learning environment including technology development.

“Therefore, the usage of the Internet is vital to expand our ability to study science and technology besides creating interest among our children for ICT,” he said.

The government, he said, has made efforts to equip rural schools with Internet facilities and infrastructure so that rural students would not be left out from ICT development.

“There is no reason for our students not to learn science and technology effectively,” he said.

[2009-04-25] Sains, teknologi percepat pembangunan: Taib

Oleh Reno Benjamin

Generasi muda perlu beri tumpuan penuh terhadap bidang ini yang mampu beri kemakmuran ekonomi

MUKAH: Ketua Menteri Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud mahu generasi muda memberi tumpuan penuh terhadap bidang sains dan teknologi yang mampu mempercepatkan pembangunan negeri ini.

Katanya, penguasaan kedua-dua bidang tersebut juga mampu memberi kemakmuran dari segi ekonomi kepada negeri Sarawak.

“Untuk itu, generasi muda perlu memberi lebih tumpuan kepada bidang sains dan teknologi berbanding bidang kesenian,” ujarnya.

Taib berkata demikian ketika berucap merasmikan Mesyuarat Agung Tritahunan Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (SABERKAS) ke-13 di sini, petang semalam.

Hadir sama ialah Timbalan Ketua Menteri Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, Naib Presiden SABERKAS Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg dan pengerusi bersama mesyuarat Dato Sri Dr Muhammed Leo Toyad.

Taib berkata bagi menarik minat generasi muda, adalah perlu untuk meningkatkan kesedaran dan menarik minat mereka terhadap kedua-dua bidang itu.

Perkara itu katanya, tidak sukar dicapai memandangan negeri ini mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya empat universiti yang setaraf dengan universiti luar, yang boleh memberi tunjuk ajar kepada anak-anak muda yang ingin belajar.

“Dalam hal ini, SABERKAS juga boleh memainkan peranan serta memberi galakan kepada generasi muda untuk menguasai bidang sains dan teknologi,” katanya yang kemudian mengumumkan geran sebanyak RM1 juta kepada SABERKAS untuk tujuan tersebut.

Dalam pada itu, Taib juga mahu generasi muda terutama para pelajar di luar bandar menguasai bidang teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT).

“Dengan menggunakan inter-net, pelajar dapat mempelajari sesuatu yang tidak ada diajar di kelas termasuk mengenai perkembangan teknologi.

“Oleh sebab itu, penggunaan internet adalah perlu bagi memperluaskan kebolehan kita untuk mempelajari sains dan teknologi, selain menarik minat anak-anak kita terhadap bidang terbabit,” jelas beliau.

Menurut Taib lagi, kerajaan negeri dan kerajaan pusat telah berusaha menyambungkan sekolah-sekolah di luar bandar dengan kemudahan internet agar pelajar-pelajar di luar bandar tidak ketinggalan. “Kita telah berusaha menyambungkan semua sekolah dengan internet kecuali beberapa sekolah yang tidak dapat dihubungi kerana ada halangan bukit bukau.

“Oleh itu, tidak ada alasan lagi untuk pelajar kita tidak mempelajari bidang sains dan teknologi,” ujar beliau yang mahu para guru turut memainkan peranan untuk menarik minat pelajar terhadap kedua-dua bidang itu.

[2009-04-25] Instil technical consciousness

Taib announced RM1 million grant to help SABERKAS face the technological revolution


MUKAH: SABERKAS leaders have been advised to instill technical consciousness among the younger generation in the wake of technological revolution occurring in the State.

Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is also SABERKAS President, emphasised this point in his speech when officiating at the State SABERKAS 13th Triennial General Assembly (TGA) at Kingwood Resort here yesterday.

As a gesture of his earnestness towards the new direction, he announced a RM1million technological grant for the organisation.

He stressed that with the implementation of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) which would catapult development in the State's central region the manpower requirement of the near future would place emphasis on technological skills and knowledge.

"SABERKAS must prepare to discipline the young generation with positive attitude to produce professionals in various relevant professions to fit in the requirement of SCORE by year 2030," he pointed out.

He expressed confidence Sarawakians are a very trainable lot and they would stand in good stead considering Malaysia has always have a place in the global economy so use it to seek for more prosperity particularly in agro-based and small industries.
Taib also advised the people to flush out the misconception that the rural folk were slow in catching up with their Science studies, and labelled it as an out-of-date theory.

He said the young generation would easily subscribe to creative education to accelerate their understanding of today's pattern of education, thus could graft Science and Technology as well as research to invent new and fresh ideas at all time.

With some half a billion tonnes of coal reserve in Balingian and the development of coal plant capable to generate some 270 megawatt of power, the future needs of electrical power of the state were very well taken care of, he stressed.

The aluminium smelting plant in Balingian which has the floor space of a mile long was the biggest plant in Sarawak and one more of such plant would be built in Samalaju in Bintulu, he revealed.

"In the wake of all these it is vital that our young generation must be made aware of the big challenges ahead of them in this progressive state of ours," he said.

Industries involving the production of aluminium, steel complex and silicon would all entail deep technological knowledge, he added.

Deputy President of SABERKAS, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg, and the Co-Chairman of the Organising Committee for the TGA, Dato Sri Dr Muhammed Leo Michael Toyad, also spoke at the opening ceremony of SABERKAS TGA in Mukah yesterday.

[2009-04-25] Taib relinquishes SABERKAS presidency


MUKAH: After 28 years at the helm of the state premier youth organisation SABERKAS as its President, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday publicly announced that he was not seeking re-election at the 13th Triennial General Assembly (TGA) here yesterday.

"SABERKAS is in safe and experienced hands," he said, to the applause of the delegates attending the opening ceremony held at Kingwood Resort here yesterday.

He said he had no regrets relinquishing the post as he was satisfied that the lineup of leaders within SABERKAS had been well-groomed and had understood the concept of the premier youth organization and its sense of direction.

Taib took over SABERKAS Presidency in 1971 from his uncle Tun Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Rahman Ya'kub.

During the TGA in Sibu in 2006 he had announced that it was his last term and his announcement yesterday was a confirmation.

At the end of his speech he hugged Deputy President, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg and one of the vice-presidents, Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas.

[2009-04-12] One Sarawak complements One M’sia concept: Abg Jo

SARIKEI: As the Prime Minister embarks on the ‘One Malaysia’ concept, it is apt for Sarawak Youth Organisation (SABERKAS) to complement it with the ‘One Sarawak’ concept.

Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Johari Tun Openg who is SABERKAS deputy president made this inspirational remark at the closing ceremony of Meradong district SABERKAS triennial meeting in a local restaurant yesterday.

“In fact, the ‘One Sarawak’ concept is already blossoming in the state Barisan Nasional government under the leadership of Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“As president of SABERKAS, I believe the Chief Minister wants the organisation to play an instrumental role towards realising the One Sarawak and One Malaysia concepts,” said Johari.

“Since its formation in 1973, SABERKAS has been a uniting force among the youths from all ethnic groups and a training ground for leaders who care for all races,” he continued, adding SABERKAS also aspires to transform the mindset of the youths so that they are always ready to participate in the nation-building process.

The youths are also expected to be dynamic and mobile so that they can explore and grab the opportunities created by the government in various parts of the country.

Johari was happy with the positive attitude portrayed by SABERKAS leaders at various levels, particularly the spirit of mutual respect and consensus.

“Leaders in SABERKAS practise moderation. We seldom hear members involved in stiff competitions for posts in the organisation.

“Change of leadership in SABERKAS takes place when the incumbent feels that the time is right for new and young blood to take over,” Johari said, adding that a peninsula organisation wanted to learn from and copy how SABERKAS was run.

In order to live up to the high expectations placed by the government and the society on them, Johari advised SABERKAS members to always update themselves on the development programmes charted by the government.

“In this respect, the youths ought to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge of science and technology to add value to the available products,” he stressed, saying the issue would be further emphasised by the Chief Minister during the organisation’s triennial general meeting in Mukah scheduled for April 24 and 25.

“I believe the Chief Minister who is also SABERKAS president will focus on the second wave of development which requires high technology and skills to implement,” he said.

Among those present at the function were SABERKAS secretary general Aidan Wing (Lambir assemblyman), exco members Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (Pantai Damai assemblyman), Abu Seman Jahwie (Jemoreng assemblyman), SABERKAS Meradong district chairperson Ngui Ing Ing, a political secretary to the Chief Minister, Watson Bangau, and other exco members.

[2009-04-06] Hormati, patuhi undang-undang

AJK tertinggi Saberkas diingat tidak langgar peraturan, undang undang persatuan yang termaktub dalam Perlembangaan Malaysia

LIMBANG: Ahli jawatankuasa tertinggi yang dilantik dalam Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) Daerah Limbang diingatkan agar tidak melanggar mana-mana peraturan dan undang undang persatuan sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam Perlembangaan Malaysia.

Exco Saberkas Negeri Muhamad Daud Ismail berkata sebagai ahli yang dilantik untuk menerajui persatuan itu, mereka perlu menghormati dan memahami undang-undang termasuk Akta Pertubuhan bagi mengelak mereka melanggari dan melakukan kesalahan yang boleh memberi kesan negatif terhadap masa depan persatuan itu.

Beliau yang mewakili Setiausaha Agung SAberkas Negeri Aidan Wing menambah, hanya dengan memahami setiap perundangan ia akan memudahkan setiap kepimpinan tertinggi sehingga ke peringkat akar umbi untuk menjalankan peranan dan tanggungjawab mereka tanpa membelakangkan undang-undang.

“Ahli Saberkas hanya akan dapat menjalankan peranan mereka dengan lebih sempurna sekiranya mereka memahami segala peraturan dan peruntukan undang-undang sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia.

“Ini penting bagi mengelak mereka melanggar dan melakukan kesalahan yang boleh menjejaskan masa depan selain memberi impak negatif kepada persatuan kita,” katanya ketika berucap dalam Perhimpuan Agung Tritahunan Saberkas Limbang di sebuah hotel di sini.

Hadir sama Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Bukit Kota Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail yang juga merangkap Pengerusi Saberkas Limbang.

Selain Dr Abdul Rahman, beberapa ahli jawatankuasa turut dilantik termasuk Timbalan Pengerusi Satu Rosli Ahmad, Naib Pengerusi Dua Ali Abdullah, Bendahari Mahmud Amit, Setiausaha Ros Ahmad, Penolong Setiausaha Satu Edwin Bolat, Penolong Setiausaha Dua Sufian Mohat dan ahli jawatankuasa tertinggi termasuk Awangku Wahab Pengiran Matusin, Gani Merali, Madon Puasa, Jefrey Besar dan Pedi Amit.

Sementara itu Muhamad Daud turut menyeru kepada ahli Saberkas agar ‘bangun’ dan melihat segala peluang ekonomi yang boleh dikomersialkan untuk mendapatkan dana dan meningkatkan sosioekonomi di kalangan ahli.

“Sudah tiba masanya ahli Saberkas bijak merancang pelbagai program, aktiviti dan projek yang boleh diusahakan termasuk dalam bidang pertanian yang bakal melonjakkan daerah ini sebagai kawasan pengeluaran terbesar tanaman padi pada masa depan.

“Ini akan dapat direalisasikan sekiranya semua ahli dapat memain peranan lebih aktif dan terlibat secara langsung dalam projek berkenaan memandangkan Limbang mempunyai potensi besar berdasarkan kedudukannya yang terletak berhampiran dengan negara jiran Brunei,”ujarnya.

Dengan cara ini juga katanya pembangunan modal insan yang menjadi hasrat kerajaan akan berjaya dilaksanakan sekiranya mereka rajin berusaha dengan mengambil peluang yang ada tanpa mengharap bantuan semata-mata.

Dalam pada itu beliau turut mengingatkan mereka agar sentiasa meningkatkan jalinan kerjasama yang utuh di kalangan pemimpin di peringkat atasan dan bawahan dalam memastikan segala matlamat persatuan akan tercapai.

[2009-03-31] 500 participate in Crime Free Generation Carnival

MIRI: About 500 youths took part in a ‘Crime Free Generation Carnival’ jointly organised by the Divisional Youth and Sports Department and Saberkas Miri recently.

Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication Lee Kim Shin officiated at the launching ceremony at Miri Indoor Stadium.

Among those present were State Youth and Sports Department assistant director Mohd Mazlan Anis, Miri Youth and Sports officer Daniel Batin and Saberkas Miri representative Bee Li.

Taking part in the Crime Free Generation exhibition were the police, the Prison Department, Miri Hospital, the Information Department, Industrial Training Institute (ILP), National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN), National Drug Agency, the army, several NGOs, Kelab Motor Lasak Miri, Blitz Racing team, Kelab Jaguh Miri and Star Riders.

The occasion was made merrier with performances of martial arts, shuffle dance and poco-poco competitions.

[2009-03-30] Do more health screening in villages, NGOs told

KUCHING: Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah Wee Inn yesterday called on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to carry out more health screening activities in rural areas, saying the majority of rural dwellers still lacked health unawareness.

He said many people in the villages, including those located in the suburban areas, needed to be educated on proper healthcare, whereas many healthcare related programmes were continuously organised among urban communities.

Sagah said the focus on urbanites should change and that such a change could be made by NGOs who were familiar with the rural scene where not many people had proper access to health education and facilities.

“I would like to see NGOs organise many health awareness programmes in the rural villages so that kampong dwellers learn the importance of hygiene,” Sagah said when officiating at a health awareness campaign held at Kampung Tijirak, about 25km from here.

The programme, involving free diabetes and blood pressure tests, was jointly organised by the state Saberkas Women Bureau, Sarawak branch of Malaysian Diabetes Association, Tabuan Jaya Saberkas Unit and Saberkas units of Kampung Tijirak, Sinjok and Siga.

On the free diabetes and blood pressure tests, Sagah said these were things that many rural folks had never really understood, let alone gone through.

Besides, he said, if they knew of the importance of the health screening, not many villagers could afford to pay for such procedure.

Among those present were state Saberkas Women Bureau chief Amelia Teo and Tabuan Jaya Saberkas chairman Frankie Tan.

[2009-03-29] Rebut peluang di SCORE

Belia harus siapkan diri hadapi pembangunan besar yang dirancang kerajaan di koridor pembangunan berkenaan

KUCHING: Belia masa kini diseru berani menyahut cabaran pembangunan dan merebut peluang ekonomi yang ditawarkan di Koridor Tenaga Diperbaharui Sarawak (SCORE).

Menteri Perumahan Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg berkata, para belia harus menyiapkan diri dalam menghadapi pembangunan besar yang telah dirancang oleh kerajaan di SCORE.

Johari yang juga Timbalan Presiden Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Belia Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas), memberitahu golongan belia kini patut mengubah cara berfikir dan tidak membataskan diri dengan persekitaran terhad.

“Saya menasihati golongan belia khususnya mereka yang tinggal di luar kawasan pembangunan SCORE supaya bersifat mobile dan tidak takut berpindah randah demi merebut manfaat dalam SCORE.

“Masalahnya sekarang, kadangkala belia masih takut meninggalkan kampung halaman dan berjauhan daripada ibu bapa dan berhijrah untuk mencari pekerjaan.

“Contohnya kita boleh bekerja di Mukah (dalam kawasan SCORE) kerana infrastruktur sekarang sudah ada dan ini memudahkan pulang ke kampung halaman,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap dalam majlis penyampaian hadiah kejohanan badminton di Kampung Kudei Nanas/Ulu.

Johari memberitahu ramai belia mengecapi kejayaan selepas mencari pekerjaan dan peluang pekerjaan di luar kampung halaman mereka.

Katanya, belia kini berdepan dengan cabaran yang dibawa oleh kemajuan IT, maka mereka harus memiliki keyakinan diri dan pemikiran positif.

Dalam majlis yang sama, Johari telah menyampaikan trofi kepada pemenang-pemenang pertandingan badminton anjuran unit Saberkas Kampung Kudei Nanas/Ulu.

Kejuaraan dirangkul oleh pasukan Masjid yang membawa pulang wang tunai RM300 serta trofi.

Sementara itu, tempat kedua dan ketiga dimenangi oleh pasukan Double Dragon dan Extra Gen serta Geng Teksi dengan membawa pulang trofi dan wang tunai RM200 dan RM100 masing-masing.

[2009-03-24] Gandingan veteran dan muda kukuhkan Saberkas

Pertubuhan bantu usaha bentuk modal insan berkualiti

MUKAH: Gandingan antara generasi veteran dan muda amat penting dalam menjadikan Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) terus kukuh sekaligus mampu membantu usaha kerajaan membentuk modal insan berkualiti tinggi.

Timbalan Presiden Saberkas Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg berkata, pertubuhan itu perlu terus membimbing golongan belia supaya menjadi golongan yang bijak berfikir.

Menurutnya, perkara penting yang perlu dilakukan oleh Saberkas juga adalah mengukuhkan lagi hubungan antara kaum di negeri ini sejajar dengan kehidupan masyarakat di Sarawak yang saling menghormati dan bekerjasama.

“Corak kepimpinan Saberkas juga harus mengikut perkembangan semasa supaya dapat menarik golongan belia menyertai pergerakan tersebut.

“Saya juga rasa gembira kerana keahlian di kalangan masyarakat Cina dalam pertubuhan ini semakin meningkat dengan jumlahnya sekarang mencapai 15 peratus daripada sejumlah 120,000 ahli di seluruh negeri,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada Majlis Perasmian Mesyuarat Agung Saberkas Daerah Mukah di Dewan Suarah di sini, semalam. Hadir sama, Ahli Parlimen Mukah Dato Sri Muhammad Leo Toyad, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Lambir Aidan Wing, ADUN Pantai Damai Dr Abd Rahman Junaidi dan Residen Mukah, Abdullah Jamil.

Tambahnya, generasi veteran dalam Saberkas mesti berkongsi ilmu kerana pengalaman mereka amat penting bagi membantu golongan muda dalam memacu hala tuju pertubuhan pada masa depan.

“Yang penting ialah, kedua-dua pihak mesti bekerja sama. Yang tua mesti membantu yang muda dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Ini bukan sahaja mengukuhkan pertubuhan tetapi, ia juga membuktikan wujudnya permuafakatan,” katanya.

Beliau yang juga Menteri Perumahan mengingatkan rakyat supaya tidak membenarkan diri mereka dihasut oleh pihak tertentu yang cuba memecah-belahkan perpaduan yang telah dibina sekian lama.

Menurutnya, jika rakyat termakan dengan hasutan pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab itu, yang rugi akhirnya adalah rakyat biasa.

“Kita telah menempa kejayaan yang terbesar selama 45 tahun ini dalam keadaan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama dengan membawa Sarawak ke satu tahap kecemerlangan yang dinikmati pada hari ini.

“Kita mengambil masa yang lama untuk membina tetapi untuk meroboh hanya sekelip mata dan kita tidak mahu itu yang terjadi pada Sarawak,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, beliau menggesa rakyat agar bersiap sedia menghadapi ledakan perubahan zaman.

“Mukah misalnya akan menjadi pusat Koridor Tenaga Boleh Diperbaharui Sarawak (SCORE). Justeru, kita mesti mempersiapkan diri dalam pelbagai aspek terutama ilmu yang berkaitan,” katanya.

[2009-03-24] Saberkas needs knowledgeable leaders

MUKAH: Deputy president of Saberkas Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg yesterday said it is very important for Saberkas to have grassroots leaders whose thinking are in tandem with the mainstream thoughts of Saberkas and state leadership.

LET THE MEETING BEGIN: Johari officiates at the TGM of Saberkas Mukah. 

He said this when he spoke as guest of honour at the triennial general meeting (TGM) of Saberkas Mukah District yesterday.

“Leaders and members of Saberkas should play leading roles to ensure that Sarawak continues to develop further as our leaders emphasise industrial development and modern agriculture to elevate Sarawak to greater heights.

“In this regard, we need to have grassroots leaders who are knowledgeable and well-versed in both the macro and micro concepts of our social and economic plans.

“Additionally, we must also have strong and resilient leaders and members so that we can successfully face the many challenges brought about by modern developments,” said the Housing Minister.

As such, he said, it is very important to use multi-faceted approaches in the implementation of development projects.

Johari also pointed out that Saberkas leaders and members must be responsive to the developmental visions and mission of the state leadership.

On Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), he said as it would generate more than 2.6 additional jobs by the year 2030 it would need youths who are knowledgeable, skilful, wise and resilient.

“Therefore, we need to emphasise good education for our youths so that they become employable in heavy industries; give quality services in sectors such as tourism which will benefit a lot from the spin-offs from heavy industries.

“This is where Saberkas is called to bring youths into the mainstream of development,” said Johari, who also called on youths to be prepared for the Asean free trade scheduled for 2015.

“There will be greater economic opportunities when Asean opened up.

“Sarawak, for example, could play a major role in supplying energy for this region; at least to West Kalimantan,” he said.

He also called on Saberkas members to guide youths to enter colleges and universities in Sarawak so as to have a greater pool of quality human capital.

In his welcoming address, chairman of Saberkas Mukah District Dato Sri Dr Muhammad Leo Toyad said Saberkas needed to take the lead in creating a big pool of quality human capital for Sarawak.

Dr Muhammad Leo is also Mukah member of parliament.

Lambir assemblyman Aidan Wing, Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, Mukah Resident Abdullah Jamil and other senior leaders of Saberkas were also present at the function.

[2009-03-24] SABERKAS members to play effective role

By Henry Siyu

MUKAH: The members of SABERKAS have been urged to play their role more effectively as the prime mover for the total development of Sarawak and also to think beyond.

For that the leaders of the organization (SABERKAS) in state should be knowledgeable and be aware of the development taking place in the state.

In making the call, Minister of Housing and Sarawak SABERKAS Deputy President, Datuk Amar Abang Haji

Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg, said that it was so because the organization is representing the youth in the state.

I hope every member of the SABERKAS in Sarawak, be at the unit-level, district and state, must be knowledgeable on development that taking place around us. We're representing the youth of the state who would be responsible for the existing and future development of the state, and, eventually, the future leaders of our beloved Sarawak. Then it is our task to respond to the development effectively and also to think beyond Sarawak especially during this open world of globalisation, he said.

He stated this while officiating at the Mukah District SABERKAS Triennial General Meeting (2009-2012 Session) held at the Dewan Suarah Mesra Mukah Conference Room, here, on Monday afternoon.

In the context of the so-called Second Wave of Development under the Politics of Development, he said, We are focusing on our ability to produce the much needed and quality manpower.In this respect, you as the leaders and members of SABERKAS, which is the largest youth organization in the state, should make the effort to explain to the youth, including those in schools and institutions of higher learning, on what kind of human resources we need to engineer the mega development machinery such as Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) which is the benchmark of the second wave of development for the state. It would involve the heavy industry, services industry and modern agriculture which would give a tremendous spillover off economic activities including tourist industry that needed some 2.6 million workers by the year 2030. The SABERKAS members and the youth in general should understand the aspiration of our Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is also the President of Sarawak SABERKAS. He wanted to make the development of the state multi-facet (economically, socially and culturally) especially with the existing of our diversified resources, he said.

He also said the preparations should also look beyond the state because by 2015 the South East Asian Nations(ASEAN) region would bes expected to adopt an open market system by then.

On the map, Sarawak is strategically located in the centre, and, moreover, we have the resources to become one of the most viable economic centres in the region especially with the existence of renewable energy especially to propel our economy to the greatest level. Once these resources are fully exploited in the future, we have the ability not only for the local consumption but also for export, added Johari.
He urged the youth and people of Sarawak in general not to be confined to the state only.

This is the portrait of our state, especially the youth. Don't just confine to the state only, we must see farther. We may have a youth to youth interaction with the youth in other countries in the region. In SABERKAS, we have very versatile members and expertise in various fields, be those in ICT, Economic and you name it. So we should make full use of it to develop our people and state. Let our group (youth in the state) be recognized by those in our neighbouring countries and even beyond, he said.

And for Mukah, he disclosed that some universities will be established at this fast growing town in the near future aimed at meeting the ever increasing demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers.

On SABERKAS, Abang Johari, said, it would be important to have a blend of senior and younger members because it could produce a good combination especially the seniors with their wealth of experience and the younger ones with new ideas.

Of course our priceless strength in the state is the existence of the spirit of unity and togetherness in our plural society which has become an attraction for the investors from outside to come to invest in the state.

At the same time, they can easily be trained to perform the tasks shouldered despite of differences in religious and social backgrounds, he disclosed.

Among those present at the event were State SABERKAS Secretary-General, Aidan Wing, Mukah District SABERKAS Chairman, Dr. Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad, State SABERKAS Exco members, Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi, State SABERKAS Honorary Treasurer, David Wong, Mukah Resident, Haji Abdullah Jamil, heads of departments and the members of state and district SABERKAS.

Abang Johari beating the gong to officiate the meeting while Dr Muhd Leo, Aidan Wing, Dr Abdul Rahman, Haji Abdullah Jamil and others look on.

[2009-03-23] Belia perlu bantu polis banteras jenayah

Peranan aktif belia salur maklumat akan wujud suasana selamat dalam masyarakat

MUKAH: Golongan belia perlu membantu pihak polis membanteras jenayah untuk mewujudkan suasana aman dan selamat dalam masyarakat.

Walikota Mukah, Ali Suhaili berkata, penglibatan masyarakat atau komuniti belia dalam membantu pihak polis melaksanakan tugas pencegahan dan kepolisan mampu mencegah kegiatan tidak bermoral dan menyalahi undang-undang itu.

“Masyarakat belia tidak boleh beranggapan mereka tidak memiliki peranan dalam hal ini (mencegah jenayah). Mereka merupakan sebahagian daripada masyarakat yang bukan sahaja mampu membantu dalam mencegah kejadian jenayah, malah sumber kepada pihak polis dalam menyalurkan maklumat,” ujarnya.

“Saya memuji usaha yang dilakukan oleh Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Mukah yang begitu aktif dalam menganjurkan program belia di peringkat tempatan. Kita berharap usaha sebegini mampu meningkatkan kesedaran belia terhadap peranan mereka.”

Beliau berkata demikian pada majlis penutupan Khemah Kerja Generasi Bebas Jenayah 2009, anjuran Unit Belia Jabatan Belia dan Sukan (JBS) Mukah dengan kerjasama Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Bersatu Sarawak (Saberkas) Mukah, Kelab Rakan Belia Mukah dan Kelab Rakan Muda Igan di Kem Belia di sini, semalam.

Turut hadir ialah Ketua Polis Daerah Mukah, DSP Sapri Jemahari; Pegawai Penyelaras Unit Belia, Abitt Nunong; dan Penolong Pegawai Belia Mukah, Lanting Mala.

Ali berkata, jalinan kerjasama erat antara belia dan polis juga mampu memastikan aktiviti pencegahan jenayah dapat digerakkan dengan lancar.

“Dalam pada itu, penglibatan polis dalam aktiviti NGO sebenarnya akan membolehkan hubungan antara polis dan masyarakat setempat terjalin lebih erat,” jelasnya.

“Kerjasama masyarakat amat diperlukan oleh pihak polis terutamanya dalam menyalurkan maklumat berguna untuk memastikan penjenayah dapat ditangkap dan dihadap ke muka pengadilan,” katanya.

Ali yang juga Pengerusi Majlis Daerah Dalat Mukah (MDDM) berkata, sebagai agensi yang bertanggungjawab di peringkat tempatan, MDDM tidak terlepas daripada tanggungjawab membantu kerajaan membenteras jena-yah. Ujarnya, pihaknya kini giat melaksanakan Kempen Bandar dan Pekan Selamat dalam usaha mengurangkan kadar jenayah.

“Antara pendekatan yang kita lakukan ialah meletakkan lampu di tempat-tempat gelap yang berpotensi untuk menjadi sarang penjenayah,” katanya.

“Serentak itu, kita juga berusaha untuk menyediakan lorong khas bagi pejalan kaki untuk mengelak gejala ragut. Kita sedar pendekatan seumpama ini hanya sampingan dan kita berharap masyarakat akan memberikan kerjasama.”

Program selama tiga hari dua malam itu disertai oleh seramai 100 belia dari seluruh bahagian Mukah.

Ia diadakan bertujuan memberi maklumat tepat kepada masyarakat khususnya golongan belia mengenai perlakuan jenayah semasa di samping meningkatkan kesedaran tentang risiko gejala itu.

Program juga bermatlamat untuk mengurangkan penglibatan belia dalam aktiviti tidak sihat yang boleh mendorong kepada perlakuan jenayah, sekali gus melahirkan generasi muda yang bertanggungjawab, selain menjadi salah satu daripada aktiviti terpenting JBS Mukah dalam membantu kerajaan membentuk modal insan yang mampu menjadi pemimpin negara pada masa depan.

[2009-03-23] Tough times call for resilience, youths told

SERIAN: Advanced socie-ties are no place for people who lack initiative and strength to adapt to the current needs, said advisor to Saberkas MJC and BDC units Sih Hua Tong.

He pointed out that no organisations would allow employees to take their sweet time in accomplishing tasks given the stiff competition faced.

It was thus imperative for the employed as well as job seekers and students to equip themselves with multiple skills to brave the challenges ahead, he said.

“To be successful in addressing and facing future challenges, we must acquire new skills and adopt new mindset in order to sustain and to respond fast enough to changes,” he said when closing a two-day survival through adaptation camp at Goshen Farm near here yesterday.

Saberkas MJC and BDC units, and SMK Green Road voluntary aid detachment (VAD) jointly organised the camp, which saw 50 Form 6 students of the school participating.

Sih, who is also Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth chief, asserted that everyone should grab the opportunity to ponder beyond what he had learned in order to stay relevant in this modern society.

Citing the global economic slowdown, he said those who failed to endure tough times or meet the rising demands would eventually be laid off.

“When the weather is fair or during good economic time, situation will be okay. But now with the world in recession, a lot of retrenchments occur.

“Employees who are deemed not the best will be laid off, and this is the time to witness survival of the fittest,” he said, reiterating that constant upgrading was key to remain competitive.

“We have to also prepare our youths, the future leaders, mentally for any challenge. They should be taught soft and hard skills namely interpersonal, communication and management skills in today’s ever-changing world.”

Sih hoped that the organisers would extend the programme to benefit more youths so as to groom better quality leaders of the future.

Earlier, camp coordinator Vun Tze Hui said the two-day programme aimed to attract more youths to join Saberkas besides offering a platform for participants to exchange views.

According to him, in this camp, participants are trained physically, mentally and emotionally.

Vun believed that the programme had helped boost confidence of the participants as well as cultivate team spirit.

Among those present were political secretary to the Chief Minister Phang Dah Nan, who is also advisor to Saberkas MJC and BDC units, chairman of Saberkas MJC unit Voon Boon Chieng, chairman of Saberkas BDC unit Thian Eyian Chiong and SMK Green Road VAD teacher-in-charge Ng Sing Yii.

[2009-03-18] Campaign to keep youths away from social ills: Lee

MIRI: More awareness campaigns need to be organised in an effort to keep youths away from undesirable activities, including crime which could destroy their future.

SAY NO TO CRIME: Lee signs on a poster to say ‘no’ to crime in support of the crime-free generation campaign. Echoing the support are Daniel (left) and Mohd Mazlan (second right). 

Infrastructure Development and Communication Assistant Minister Lee Kim Shin, in making the call yesterday, observed many criminal cases and social problems in the country involved youths.

He pointed out that through concerted programmes, a mechanism to prevent crimes and social ills involving the younger generation could be established.

Lee believed youths indulged in negative activities due to influence from negative culture which were not suitable for the multi-racial society of the country.

“In this context, our youths ought to be equipped with various skills and knowledge to prepare them to face the challenges,” Lee said when officiating at the Crime Free Generation Carnival at Miri Indoor Stadium.

The event was organised by the Youth and Sports Department in collaboration with Miri Saberkas.

As a pre-emptive measure, he said they must be placed in areas that had sufficient opportunities for them to create high potential so that they could contribute in a productive manner towards the progress and prosperity of the country.

He said they should also be made aware of the history of the country apart from instilling greater sense of patriotism in them.

Lee, who is Miri Saberkas chairman, stressed that youths, who made up 42 per cent of the country’s population, were an invaluable human capital asset of the country, thus they should be empowered with management skills to face the challenges ahead.

To play an effective role in this direction, he said youth organisations must be managed and run in a more dynamic and comprehensive manner. He acknowledged that moulding and developing youths was not easy task as thought, adding that it called for overall commitment and support.

Miri Youth and Sports Department officer Daniel Batin and State Youth and Sports assistant director Mohd Mazlan Anis were among those present.

Twenty-one stalls were set up at the carnival, featuring food and drinks and an exhibition on social ills and crime prevention by government agencies like the Health Department, Prisons’ Department, the army, Kelab Rakan Muda - Parliamen Miri as well as and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

There were also silat, wushu and taekwondo demonstrations.

[2009-03-18] Belia, pastikan diri bebas jenayah

Sebagai generasi pelapis belia perlu sedia penjajahan bentuk baru: Lee

MIRI: Golongan belia harus memastikan mereka bebas daripada sebarang perlakuan jenayah memandangkan mereka merupakan pelapis kepimpinan serta menentukan hala tuju negara pada masa akan datang, demikian kata Menteri Muda Perhubungan dan Infrasktruktur, Lee Kim Shin.

Katanya, untuk menghindarkan golongan belia daripada terbabit dengan jenayah maka satu usaha gigih perlu dilakukan oleh pihak berkenaan termasuk penglibatan secara aktif oleh persatuan belia dengan menganjurkan pelbagai aktiviti bermanfaat kepada kumpulan sasar tersebut.

“Kebanyakan masalah sosial dan jenayah dilakukan oleh belia disebabkan mereka terdedah dan terpengaruh dengan unsur budaya negatif yang tidak sesuai dengan budaya masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini.

“Justeru, golongan belia perlu dipersiapkan dengan pelbagai kemahiran sama ada teknikal ataupun sosial supaya mereka tidak tercicir daripada pembangunan negara,” katanya selepas merasmikan majlis penutupan karnival ‘Generasi Bebas Jenayah 2009’ bahagian Miri di sini semalam.

Lee memberitahu, kempen kesedaran juga perlu dipergiatkan supaya generasi pelapis bebas daripada aktiviti yang boleh meruntuhkan moral sekali gus mencegah perlakuan jenayah melibatkan golongan muda.

“Belia harus memastikan diri mereka bebas daripada pengaruh luar yang boleh merosakkan akhlak dan pengaruh minda.

“Cabaran belia hari ini selain daripada memastikan persediaan mereka dari segi mental dan fizikal, mereka juga harus bersedia untuk menentang penjajahan dalam bentuk baru iaitu peperangan secara psikologi yang boleh melemahkan minda dan modal insan masyarakat Malaysia,” katanya.

Jelas Lee, belia perlu digerakkan dengan cara yang dinamik dan komprehensif menerusi program-program yang boleh menjana pemikiran mereka ke arah yang positif selain menonjolkan kemampuan mereka selaras dengan era pembangunan negara.

Hadir sama ialah Penolong Pengarah Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri Sarawak, Mohd Mazlan Anis, Pegawai Belia dan Sukan Miri, Daniel Batin, Setiausaha Saberkas Miri, Bee Bin Lee, dan Penolong Pegawai bahagian Belia Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial dan Urbanisasi.

Sementara itu, karnival selama sehari suntuk itu turut diisi dengan pelbagai aktiviti menarik melibatkan golongan belia seperti persembahan teakwando, wushu, silat, pameran dan infomasi daripada agensi kerajaan dan pertubuhan, pertandingan poco-poco serta acara klimaksnya, pelepasan pulang ekspedisi konvoi bermotor ‘Generasi Bebas Jenayah 2009’ ke Kuching.

[2009-03-18] Govt serious about curbing drug abuse

By Zainon Talip

MIRI: The government is serious about curbing drug abuse among youth in the state, said Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications, Lee Kim Shin as he officiated at the launching ceremony of Crime Free Generation 2009 Carnival for youth which was held at Miri Indoor Stadium yesterday.

The one-day carnival was jointly organised by Youth and Sports Department Miri and Saberkas Miri District.

He added that various programmes on youth development had been implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports which included programmes, seminars, and campaigns related to drug abuse and crime prevention for the benefit of the youth.

Meanwhile, he also suggested more such programmes should be conducted at district level to create better awareness about the social ills among the youth in various districts, particularly in rural areas.

Government departments and agencies took up 14 exhibition booths at the carnival.

Also present at the carnival event was a group of 60 youths from Kuching participating in a motorcycle convoy expedition.

Other events taking place at the carnival included aerobic exercise, Taekwando, Poco-poco competition and a crime combat demonstration presented by Miri district police.

free crime.JPG
Lee flags off the motorcycle convoy expedition group from Kuching during the carnival.

[2009-03-17] Help produce excellent human capital: Uggah

Saberkas urged to carry out youth programmes regularly

BETONG: Saberkas Saribas has been urged to fulfil its social obligation by helping the government produce excellent human capital.

NICE MEETING YOU: Uggah (right) shakes hand with a committee member of Saberkas Saribas. 

Doing so will, to a certain extent, eradicate social ills as well as unhealthy culture among the youths, said Natural Resources and En-vironment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas.

He believed that the young generation would be properly guided if all Saberkas units came up with youth programmes and activities on a regular basis.

Addressing the annual general meeting of Saberkas Saribas on Sunday, Uggah said the unit should carry out various activities to involve youngsters so that they would not be misled.

“It is hoped that healthy programmes can help prevent youths from indulging in unhealthy activities such as glue sniffing, loitering, drinking and others.”

The Betong member of parliament however noted that lack of fund and facilities could have slowed the implementation of healthy programmes.

He still placed hope on leaders of Saberkas Saribas to be proactive and innovative in lining up social programmes for the community.

He said the unit could work closely with either government agencies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to launch various community projects.

Citing as an example, Uggah said a lot of youth programmes had been implemented with monetary assistance from the Youth and Sports Ministry.

He added that the government would continue organising more youth development projects one of which was an environment programme, which would involve youngsters.

“With more youths paying due attention to ‘gotong-royong’ programme and charity work, unhealthy culture will gradually be uprooted,” he believed.

He also hoped that Saberkas Saribas would stay united besides grooming new and young leaders for the betterment of the unit.

Uggah thus pledged a government grant of RM20,000 in aid of Saberkas Saribas to carry out community programmes in the district.

[2009-03-17] Belia diseru hargai keharmonian

Keharmonian hari ini adalah hasil kebijaksanaan para pemimpin terdahulu

SIBU: Golongan belia diseru agar menghargai keharmonian dan kemakmuran yang dinikmati oleh rakyat pelbagai kaum di negara ini.

Pengerusi Majlis Perbandaran Sibu (MPS) Datuk Tiong Thai King berkata, ini kerana keharmonian dan kemakmuran itu adalah hasil kebijaksanaan para pemimpin sejak dahulu dan dapat dipertahankan sehingga hari ini.

“Ini adalah sejarah penting dan golongan belia perlu menyedari betapa pentingnya persefahaman dan perpaduan kaum dalam memastikan keharmonian serta kemakmuran itu terus dapat dinikmati.

“Oleh itu, kita harus berwaspada dan janganlah dipengaruhi serta terpedaya oleh golongan tertentu yang berniat negatif serta mahu memecah-belahkan dan menjejaskan negara,” ujarnya ketika menutup Karnival Generasi Bebas Jenayah Pertubuhan Belia Kebangsaan Sarawak (SABERKAS) di Pintu Gerbang Sibu di sini semalam.

Karnival dianjurkan bersama oleh SABERKAS Daerah Sibu dan Pejabat Belia dan Sukan (PBS) Bahagian Sibu, telah berlangsung sejak 14 Mac lepas. Hadir sama ialah ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Jemoreng Abu Seman Jahwie, Pengerusi SABERKAS Daerah Sibu Jason Tai Hee, Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Pembangunan Belia Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Sarawak Mohamad Mazlan Anis serta Ketua Unit Belia PBS Sibu, Salleh Olen.

Dalam pada itu menurut Tiong, dalam mengejar kehidupan yang moden dan progresif, keruntuhan nilai sosial di kalangan belia mula menular dan tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa tahap peningkatan gejala keruntuhan semakin meruncing pada hari ini.

“Apatah lagi dengan peningkatan keupayaan mengakses maklumat dan berkomunikasi yang meluas di alam digital,” ujarnya sambil menambah era dunia tanpa sempadan sedikit sebanyak telah menyebabkan belia terdedah kepada gejala negatif yang bersifat global.

Tiong yang juga ahli Parlimen Lanang berkata, ramai golongan belia pada hari ini terjerumus dengan gejala sosial seperti penagihan dadah, lumba haram, gengsterisme, perjudian, penagihan arak, pergaulan bebas, pelacuran dan sebagainya.

“Keadaan ini amat membimbangkan memandangkan golongan belia adalah aset penting bagi masa depan negara,” katanya sambil memberitahu dalam Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK-9), kerajaan memberi penekanan kepada usaha mengupayakan belia bagi membolehkan mereka lebih terlibat dalam membina nusa dan bangsa, memperkukuhkan perpaduan nasional dan integrasi serta menjadi belia contoh.

Dalam merealisasikan hasrat kerajaan dalam pembangunan belia menurut Tiong, peranan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan pertubuhan-pertubuhan belia adalah amat penting.

Pertubuhan-pertubuhan belia katanya, boleh menjadi penggerak dalam usaha membangunkan golongan belia termasuk mewujudkan satu generasi yang bebas jenayah seperti yang menjadi agenda Karnival Generasi Bebas Jenayah SABERKAS.

Tiong juga berharap, pertubuhan-pertubuhan belia seperti SABERKAS dapat merancang dan menganjurkan lebih banyak aktiviti demi memberi kesempatan kepada golongan belia supaya menghabiskan masa lapang dengan terancang dan bermanfaat.

[2009-03-17] Beware of bad influence of Internet: Tiong

SIBU: Negative elements on the Internet are causing moral decay in society, said Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King yesterday.

“In a borderless world characterised by free flow of information, youths these days are exposed to an unlimited amount of information not seen before.

“It opens up an avenue for the rapid transmission of negative information which is eroding the social values among youths in the process,” Tiong said.

He added there are also those with hidden agenda out to influence youths with negative ideas which could disrupt racial harmony.

Tiong who is also MP for Lanang continued: “In the pursuit of modern and progressive living, the decline in social values among the young has reached a stage where it is rather worrying.”

He noted that nowadays many youths get entangled with drug abuse, illegal racing (Mat Rempit and Minah Rempit), hooliga-nism, gambling, alcohol, illegal sex and others.

Since youth is the nation’s most valuable asset, these are matters for concern as their involvement in unhealthy activities will retard the country’s effort of becoming an industrialised nation by year 2020.

“The youth development programme emphasises empowering youths to take part in nation building, social integration and becoming role models for society,” said Tiong in his opening remarks at Saberkas Crime Free Generation Carnival at Sibu Gateway here.

“In view of the pivotal role they play in nation building, the government is making continuous effort to produce quality youths who are not only knowledgeable but with strong moral values,” he pointed out.

Tiong who is also guest-of-honour said the role of non-government organisations is crucial in complementing the government’s effort in youth development.

They can play an important role to establish a generation free from crime, which was the key agenda of Saberkas yesterday.

“Youth organisations can become the eyes and ears in monitoring unhealthy activities.

“They can roll out campaigns to create better awareness among the young generation,” he said, adding that Saberkas is a fine example of such an organisation.

Tiong reminded them that the national youth action development plan launched in 2004 contained 11 principles covering socio-economy, self-enhancement, quality leadership, involvement in Rakan Muda programme, social integration and political awareness.

As such, youth organisations such as Saberkas can plan and roll out more activities to provide more opportunities for youths to spend their pastime in a productive and useful manner.

Meanwhile, the SMC chairman congratulated Saberkas Sibu District for successfully organising the carnival.

He also flagged off the Big Bikers and Scooter Clubs’ Convoy, comprising 55 participants, that headed towards Bintulu and Miri.

The carnival was jointly organised by Saberkas Sibu District and the Youth and Sports Department.

Earlier, members of the public were entertained to various performances such as poco-poco, silat, wushu and a drug-detection demo by PDRM K9.

Among those present were Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie, state Youth and Sports Department assistant director Mohamad Mazlan Anis and Saberkas Sibu District chairman Jason Tai.

[2009-03-17] Hamden welcomes scooter expedition members

By Michael Chiew

SARIKEI: Assistant Youth Affairs cum Tourism Minister, Haji Hamden Haji Ahmad officially welcomed the participants of the scooter expedition at a ceremony held at Sarikei Civic Centre on Sunday.
The 40-member delegation from the Sarawak Scooters Motor Association. started their statewide journey from Kuching last Saturday.
They visited Kota Samarahan, Sri Aman and Betong before arriving here
The Sarikei Division Youth & Sports Department and Sarikei District Saberkas Unit jointly hosted the welcoming reception for the visitors.
The theme of the function was Crime Free Generation 2009.
Hamden, who was accompanied by Sarikei Division Youth & Sports Officer Noim Lanjis and Sarikei District Saberkas Secretary, Ibrahim Tuah shook hands with the members of the visiting delegation.

Creating awareness

It was aimed at creating awareness among the youths of the dangers, causes and negative effects of criminal activities.
From here, members of the delegation, who are mostly youths, will travel to Sibu, Bintulu and Miri.
Various recreational and sporting activities such as poco-poco and games were organised in conjunction with the visit here.
The local police department also conducted a briefing on crime prevention programmes, youth leadership roles and social responsibilities.
Sarikei District Police Chief Superintendent, Philip Picha Rumpang and local community leaders were among those present.

Hamden (centre) joins the convoy members for a group photo session.

[2009-03-15] Scooter convoy promotes crime-free lifestyle

KUCHING: Thirty youths from the Scooter Motor Association are taking part in a five-day convoy called an ‘Expedition for Crime Free Generation 2009’ which aims to promote a crime-free healthy lifestyle among youths.

The convoy, organised by the Youths and Sports Department, is also to create awareness as well as to inform youths about the causes and effects of taking part in criminal activities.

The convoy, flagged off yesterday by Assistant Minister of Youth Affairs Hamden Ahmad at the State Youth and Sports Complex here, will make several stops at divisions chosen to take part in the Divisional Crime Free Generation Carnival (CFGC).

Also involved in the convoy are members and officers from Saberkas, Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry, General Operations Force (GOF), National Anti Drug Agency and Civil Defence Department.

The participating youths upon arrival at various locations will distribute pamphlets to locals.

They will also be gathering signatures from the locals at various locations to be given to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud during the state-level Youth Day celebration.

Yesterday, the convoy made its way to Kota Samarahan and Sri Aman CFGC and will be proceeding today to Betong and Sarikei CFGC and later in the evening to Sibu.

On Monday, they will be at Sibu CFGC in the morning and will make their way to Bintulu CFGC in the afternoon after which they will head for Miri.

Moving to Miri CFGC on Tuesday morning, the convoy will head back to Sibu and stop at Kampung Pusa CFGC before heading back to Kuching on Wednesday.

Sarawak Youth and Sports Department deputy director Razali Mohamad and assistant director Mohd Mazlan Anis were also present at the flag-off yesterday.

[2009-03-06] 3 x 3 Street Soccer

KUCHING: Saberkas Tanjong Selatan is organising a 3×3 Street Soccer 2007 tournament at Daya Perumahan futsal court at Jalan Layang-Layang, Kampung Semerah Padi Fasa II on Dec 23.

Competition director Rudi Affendi Khalik said yesterday that the competition was based on a knockout format and open to three categories namely men’s, women’s and under-12.

Rudi said they had received 80 entries so far and the closing date for submission of entries was Dec 21.

The men’s champions will receive RM1,000, runners-up RM700 and third-place finishers RM500 while the winners of the women’s and under-12 categories will get RM300 for finishing as champions, RM200 as runners-up and RM100 as third.

The tournament is an annual activity organised by Saberkas Tanjong Selatan Unit in collaboration with Batu Lintang Community Sports Club, Pantai Damai Community Sports Club and Pantai Damai Activity Club.

It is supported by Majlis Sukan Negeri Sarawak and Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation.

For further details, call 082-2237860, 012-8482008, 014-8987443 or 016-8882200.

[2009-02-23] Satok gets RM200,000 for sports and recreational facilities

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING: The government has allocated RM200,000 for the people in Satok to set up their sports and recreational facilities.

Minister of Housing, Datuk Amar Abang Hari Johari Tun Openg, revealed this before giving away prizes to the winners of the SABERKAS Sepak Takraw Invitational Championship held at Kampung No 5, yesterday .

Johari said that with these facilities updated, the residents could stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

He hoped that everyone, especially the youth, had the foundation to build active community, and mind for development.

He said that the government would be working with the resident committees in the area to ensure that the project would be successfully set up.

Zohari said that the recreational facilities would include futsal facilities, jogging tracks and facilities for other sporting events.

At yesterday's events, he praised the organisers and the residents of Kampung No 5 in Satok for being active in recreational activities.

Meanwhile, the winner of the open category of the championship, Sri Keranji 'C' received RM500 plus trophies , while first runner-up Sri Keranji 'B' walked away with RM300 and trophies. The second runner-up Gajah Silver and Sahabat took RM100 and trophies.

In the Under 12 category, the title went to Gajah Silver, with Kanoli 'W' as the first runner-up and Durian Runtuh, second runners-up. All these three winners received hampers.

The event was organised by SABERKAS Unit of Kampung. No collaboration with Kuching District SABERKAS.

[2009-01-06] Saberkas Open Powerboat race a success

KAPIT: Antu Rayau of Bawai racing team dominated the 18hp and below category while Lang Banda, Shadow and Untong came out tops in the 30hp and below category in the Saberkas Open Powerboat held here recenlty.

The event was organised by Saberkas Unit Kampung Baru to celebrate the New Year.

The one-day competition was divided into eight races: 18hp and Below Tunnel Boat (6 laps) for Group A, 18hp and Below Tunnel Boat (6 laps) for Group B, 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat for Group A (7 laps), 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat for Group B (7 laps), 18hp and Below Tunnel Boat for Loser’s Pool (6 laps), 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat for Loserís Pool (7 laps), 18hp and Below Tunnel Boat Final (6 laps) and 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat Final (7 laps).

Antu Rayau (Bawai) won the first race in the 18hp tunnel boat category beating five other teams. Arjeega came in second place while Anak Remaung was third. Antu Rayau also won the 18hp category final to bring home the championship trophy with Arjeega (second), Anak Remaung (third), Zulscom (fourth) and Dolphin (fifth).

Zulscom won the second race of the 18hp category with Antu Rayau (second), Dolphin (third), Challenger 67 (fourth), Anak Menaul (fifth) and Majauco 95 (sixth).

The Loser’s Pool in the 18 hp Tunnel Boat category was won by Bujang Lelayang 11 team with Majauco 95 (second), Challenger 67 (third), Ensing Sungai (fourth), Anak Menaul 47 (fifth) and Gentran 67 (sixth).

Meanwhile Untong (Kampung Boy) beat five other teams to win the 30hp and below tunnel boat category for Group A. Majauco 12 was second and KJM 33 (Kapit Jaya motors), third.

Lang Banda 8 won the 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat category for Group B with Shadow 79 (second), Gemila 88 (third), Sri Tiong (fourth), Hustacom (fifth) and Anatu Rayau 34 (sixth).

In the 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat for Loser’s Pool category , Go Kapit 63 (MR) was first, followed by Joesafe 45 (second), Hustacom (third), (Antu Rayau 34) (fourth) and Sri Tiong (fifth).

Shadow 79 won the 30hp and Below Tunnel Boat category beating Lang Banda (second), Untong (Kampung Boy) (third), KJM 33 (fourth), Majauco 12 (fifth) and Gelima 88 (sixth).

The prize giving ceremony was held at the residence of one of its committee member at Kampung Muhibbah, Jalan Bleteh on Sunday evening.

Political secretary to the Chief Minister Wilson Ugak Kumbong, renowned powerboat enthusiast Edmund Erung Tun Jugah and Saberkas Kapit District chairman David Chuo gave away the prizes.

Organising chairman Councillor Kenny Tong thanked Saberkas Unit Kampung Baru for organising the event, which was a warm up preparation for the powerboat race expected to coincide with the annual Baleh Kapit Raft Safari in August.

The competition received good response from the local powerboat enthusiasts and future events involving 40hp and 50hp were envisaged.

[2009-01-04] About 30 pct Saberkas units inactive

KUCHING: Some 30 per cent of Sarawak National Youth Movement (Saberkas) units are categorised as inactive.

State Saberkas deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said in realising this a new framework was needed to re-activate those inactive units.

“We have a problem where some units in Sibu especially those in longhouses are inactive due to several factors, like units still being led by elderly persons, or leaders who have migrated or transferred to other places,” Johari told reporters this after launching an Active Youths 2009 programme at Kampung Dagok here yesterday.

“To activate these units, we need to attract more youths’ participation like giving them economic opportunities,” he said, adding that Saberkas currently had 120,000 members in 27 districts.

He also encouraged more activities to be held so that youths and the older generation could meet up where the older generation could share their knowledge and experience with the younger counterparts.

He said though times had changed like the widespread use of the Internet, youths could still learn something from the older generation.

“The culture has changed like blogging. It is a new phenomenon where information is obtained via ICT and many comments are posted on blogs. Due to their inexperience, youths may be affected or influenced by this blogging phenomenon,” Johari said.

When asked about the implications of the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007, which prohibits those above 40 years old to lead youth movements, Johari said Saberkas was not affected.

“The act can be implemented in Peninsular Malaysia, but not in Sarawak because the situation is different here.

“The act affects uniformed bodies and among those affected are Scouts Association and St John Ambulance because their leaders are over 40 years old.”

The act, which was enacted in July 27, 2007, gives opportunity to trained young leaders to helm the youth movements much earlier.

Earlier in his speech, Johari urged youths to be strong and adapt to the changes and not to be left behind in this era of growth and development.

“Youths need to prepare themselves mentally and physically so that they will know how to react especially in times of uncertainties especially during the current global economic crisis.”

He advised youths to take advantage of the resources and facilities that are provided for them and to equip themselves with skills and knowledge in preparation of the future challenges.

Johari also pledged to contribute RM10,000 to support the development of youth as they play a crucial role to the state economy in the future.

Meanwhile, Saberkas Satok Unit chairman Dzamaluddin Zainudin encouraged youths to start their own business as a source of income as Saberkas had the capital to help them.

He added that the government had increased the allocation to Saberkas from RM2,000 to RM3,000 this year to be given to those who intend to venture into business.

Saberkas Kuching District chairman Zamahari Saidi was also present at the function.

[2009-01-04] Powerboat race ushers in New Year at Kapit

By Famas

KAPIT: An exciting event ushered in the New Year here yesterday morning as a huge crowd gathered on the banks of Rejang River at Bleteh Light Industrial Zone here to watch the Open Powerboat Championship organised by Saberkas Kampung Baru unit.

The popular water event began at 9.00am and ended at around 4.00 pm. The weather was fine throughout the day and this enabled more spectators to turn up.

The organising committee chairman, Zulaini Junaidi, who also took part in the race for the 18hp category, when met said he was happy to note that the programme was a success despite a minor incident in which two boats collided but no one was hurt. The boats were competing in the 30hp Tunnel Boat final category.

The powerboat race event was divided into two main categories - 18hp and below Tunnel Boat category and 30hp and below Tunnel Boat category. The response to both categories was very encouraging, according to Zulaini.

In each category there were two races. For the first race in each category, the organising committee provided cash prizes and trophies to the top three winners (first to third place) while the second race was for the loser's pool.

The winners of the loser pool category were given prizes in the form of cash and trophies for each category.

In the 18hp Tunnel Boat category, the race run was for 6 laps and for the 30hp Tunnel boat category, 7 laps.

Among the teams taking part in the 18hp and below Tunnel Boat category were ARJEEGA Racing, ZULSCOM (Saberkas Sports Club), Anak Menaul, Dolphin, Bujang Lelayang, Antu Rayau, Anak Remaung, Gentran, Ensing Sungai, Majauco and Challenger.

In the 30hp Tunnel Boat category, the teams were Lang Banda (Baleh Social and Recreation Club), Gelima Racing, Hustacom Racing, Untong (Kampung Boy Racing Team), KJM Racing Team, Majauco, Go Kapit (Mr. Racing team), Shadow Racing Team, Joesafe, Sri Tiong, and Antu Rayau.

The prize-giving ceremony was held in the evening at the residence of Aziz September, one of the organising committee members at Kampung Muhibbah, Jalan Bleteh.

Present at the flag-off ceremony of the final race were a political secretary to the Chief Minister, Wilson Ugak Kumbong, and the race director, Edmund Erung Tun Jugah, a renowned local powerboat enthusiast himself.

The 30hp Tunnel Boat event about to start.

[2009-01-03] Saberkas Sarikei kicks off its first activity

By Michael Chiew

SARIKEI: Saberkas Sarikei organised its first activity of the year by hosting a leadership course for some 70 youths.

Its secretary Ibrahim Tuah and organising chairman of the event said the course was held outside Sarikei district at Kampung Sebarang Food Court in Tanjung Kembang on Thursday.

He explained the choice of the venue in Kabong was to allow local youths to interact more fully with their counterparts outside Sarikei.

The exposure, he added, would be important for the training of the youth, considered as future leaders in society. The leadership course was to enable them to learn more about teamwork and qualities expected of a leader, he said. Sarikei Saberkas Vice-Chairman Abang Ahmad Abang Hamid was given the honour to flag-off the contingent. The participants travelled in convoy of 15 vehicles.

The group was also making stopover trips at Sebangkoi resort, Gerigat beach.

It also included a tour of the bazaars of Roban and Kabong.

Other activities held in conjunction with the course were a telematch, games and fun-filled recreational activities.

Participants of the leadership course in a group photograph.