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ARKIB Tahun 2007 untuk BERITA

[2007-12-27] Govt concerned with welfare of people: Dr Leo

By Henry Siyu

MUKAH: The government is always concerned and serious in looking after the welfare of the people, said Member of Parliament for Mukah, Dato Sri Dr Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad.
As such, he said, the government has, is and would continue to place the well-being of the people as the main agenda while developing the nation.

"The government is very concerned in looking after the welfare of the people by giving it priority in its nation-building agenda," he said when officiating at a Christmas gathering named, `Pededun Berabeh Lau Krismas 2007 Bahagian Mukah at SK Kampung Tellian Dewan PIBG, here yesterday.

And to the achieve it, Dr Leo pointed out that it was important for the people to maintain and uphold the existing harmony and political stability of the nation.

He said that the existence of some quarters who resorted to street demonstrations would have a negative impact on the existing unity among multi-racial Malaysians.

"Indeed we, Malaysians are very fortunate for being able to celebrate this special occasion in a peaceful manner with the true Malaysian spirit of respecting each other regardless of religious and social backgrounds," he said, adding that he was impressed with the organiser for gathering people from all walks of life to join in the Christmas celebration.

Leo also reminded the people of the challenges ahead, especially in this era of globalisation.
Under the leadership of the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, he said, the existing state Barisan Nasional government realised the importance of a knowledge human capital to develop the state and nation by setting up various institutions of higher learning even in the rural area such as here.

At the function, Leo also presented the SABERKAS Life Membership Card to 22 individuals and joined the 14 people in the village who were born between Dec 25 and Dec 31 to cut a birthday cake.

The coordinating chairman, Cosmas Malang Utal, who also spoke expressed his happiness that the event received good response from the people towards the various activities organised.

Apart from enjoying the Christmas delicacies and goodies, other activities highlighted at the gathering were a musical band performance by the `D Sago Group' from the Mukah Combined Education Department, children colouring contest, cake making competition, the presentation of goodies to the children by Santa Claus, consumerism quiz and many others.

A football tournament and cultural night were also held as part of the celebration.

The event was organised by Kampung Tellian and Tellian Ulu Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) in collaboration with SK Kpg Tellian Ex-Pupils Association and Tellian Tengah/Ulu SABERKAS.

Among those present were Lambir State Assemblyman cum State SABERKAS Secretary General, Aidan Wing, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, Akit Sebli, Mukah Deputy Resident, Dr Anthony Valentine Laiseh, Mukah District Officer, Mohamad Nawawi, Dalat/Mukah District Council Walikota, Ali Suhaili, Penghulu Ting Kee Kuan, Kapitan Tay Aik Seng, heads department and local community leaders.

[2007-12-08] 81% of HIV/AIDS patients in Sarawak are locals

By Harun Jau

SERIAN: Eighty-one percent of HIV / AIDS cases in Sarawak today involved locals, Minister of Environment and Public Health, Datuk Michael Manyin Anak Jawong disclosed yesterday.

In the past, most of those who contracted the diseases were foreigners, Manyin said when officiating at a HIV/AIDS seminar cum presentation of Christmas gifts at Serian District Hospital here yesterday.

He said as October this year, 1,160 cases were reported in the state and of these, 771 involved HIV while 330 were AIDS cases.

Todate, the total number of deaths reported in the state due to the diseases were 158, he said.

He also said that for this year, the number of cases that involved HIV were 59, while the number that involved AIDS were 62.

He said 71.1% of the those involved were male and mostly within the age group of between 20 and 49 years old.

Manyin likened the problems of the HIV/AIDS to that of road accident which could be prevented and avoided if people were more careful.

He pointed out more than 50% of those who acquired the diseases had multiple sex partners.

"If everyone cares more about themselves, their families and stick only to their own partners, or practise safe sex then, it will certainly reduce the spread of the HIV/AIDS," he said.

Earlier, Director of Serian District Hospital, Dr Balachandar a/l S. Sayapathi disclosed that since 1986 until todate, 38,000 people had acquired HIV/AIDS in the country and 14% had died.

He said by 2015, an estimated 300,000 people would acquire the diseases if no serious and concrete efforts were taken to prevent their spread.

At the function, Manyin handed over a state government grant of RM5,000 to the Serian District Hospital's Beautification Image Club, while Serian Saberkas Unit also received RM10,000 from Saberkas Sarawak.
Later, Manyin, who is also a vice president of Saberkas Sarawak together with Saberkas Sarawak's secretary-general, Aidan Wing and Saberkas Sarawak's council members, distributed Christmas gifts to� patients in the male, female, children and maternity wards of the Serian Distict Hospital.

The events were jointly organised by Serian District Hospital, Sarawak AIDS Concern Society (SACS) and Saberkas Sarawak.


[2007-10-28] Activities to enhance unity planned

By Clarence Ting

BINTULU: SABERKAS Bintulu District will draw up various programmes and work closely with local authorities, especially Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) to promote social interaction among the various communities here.

Assistant Secretary General, Paul Teo said the programmes were expected to be implemented next year.

"We will kick start our programmes in the various housing estates to foster social interaction, goodwill and neighbourliness among residents of different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds," he explained.

Teo, who is also the chairman of SABERKAS Bintulu District said this at Raya gathering organised by SABERKAS RPR Tanjong Kidurong Unit in a community hall at RPR Tanjong Kidurong, Friday evening.

About 200 people turned up at the gathering which was also attended by Senior Manager of BDA, Hasnani bin Masni and Bintulu Youth and Sport Officer, Juwairiah Mohd Zain and chairman of SABERKAS Tanjong Kidurong Unit, Saiful Bahari Atok.

[2007-10-19] Grants for clubs and associations

KAPIT: Member of Parliament for Kapit, Alexander Nanta Linggi presented grants worth RM373,400 to some 65 local clubs and associations in his constituency under the parliamentary allocation for this year.

The official handing over ceremony was held at the Civic Centre here on Tuesday evening in conjunction with "Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri" gathering organised by GDW (Gerakan Daya Wawasan) and PBB Youth and Women Wing of Kampung Baru.

Of the 65 recipients, 10 were from youth and sports clubs, 16 PTAs (Parent-Teacher Association), 14 JKKKs (village security and development committee) and 25 other welfare and recreation clubs in the parliament constituency of Kapit.

Among the youth and sports clubs receiving the activity fund were 7th Division Lawn Tennis Association (RM3,000), Sri Gelong Badminton Club (RM3,000), Kapit District Office Recreation and Sports Club (RM5,000), Kapit office Social Development and Urbanisation Recreation and Sports Club (RM5,000), Kapit Amateur Swimming Association (RM3,000), Football Association (RM3,000), Sepak Takraw Association (RM3,000), Saberkas Sports Club Kapit Unit (RM3000) and Secretariat Rakan Muda Kapit (RM3,000).

The school institution, parents-teachers' associations included Rumah Madang Kindergarten (RM3,000), Kampong Baru Kindergarten (RM4000), Police Housing Estate Kindergarten (RM3,000), PTA SMK Kapit (RM17,000) PTA Nanga Encherimin (RM5,000), PTA SK Kapit (RM5,000), PTA SK Methodist (RM5,000), PTA SK Ulu Sungai Yong (RM10,000), PTA SK Nanga Ibun (RM5,000), PTA SMK Selirik (RM5,000), PTA SK Kampong Baru (RM5,000), PTA SK Nanga Segenok (RM5,000), PTA SK Nanga Trusa (RM5,000), PTA SK Nanga Pelagus (RM5,000), PTA Nanga Merit (RM5,000), PTA SK Nanga Metah, PTA Nanga Peraran (RM5,000), SK Nanga Ibau (RM5,000), PTA SK Sungai Amang and Methodist Kindergarten (RM5,000).

The village security and development committees were JKKK Rumah Richard Lembau (RM3,000), JKKK Rumah Pius Lagon (RM7,400), JKKK Rumah Mamat Sedenan (RM5,000), JKKK Rumah Sanggau (RM11,000), JKKK Rumah Uni (RM8,000), JKKK Nuga Segat (RM6,500), JKKK Rumah Baying (RM10,000), JKKK Puso (RM17,500), JKKK Rumah Jubang (RM12,500), JKKK Rumah Laja (RM10,000), JKKK Rumah Atut (RM 9,500), JKKK Jalit (RM11,000), JKKK Kampong Muhibbah Kampong Beletih (RM5,000). JKKK Rumah John (RM3,000) and JKKK Kampong Baru (RM5,000).

Others included KSTN Kampong Kapit (RM5,000), Banci PPRT Kapit District Office (RM5,000), 510 Company C Territorial Army Reserve (RM3,000), East Neighbourhood Committee (RM3,000), Foochow Association (RM5,000), Beletih Neighbourhood Committee (RM5,000), Kapit District Council Recreation and Sports Club (RM5,000), Information Recreation and Sports Club (RM5000), South Neighbourhood Committee (RM3,000), Selirik Neighbourhood Committee (RM3000), Hadrah Rukun Tetangga Beletih (RM3,000), Lembaga Amanah Khairat Kapit (RM3000), Malaysian Red Crescent (RM10,000), Kweang Tung Association (RM5,000), Kapit Women Association (RM3,000), Hawker's Association (RM5,000), Rando (RM5,000), Sarawak Medical Club (RM5,000), RELA (RM5,000), Unit Saberkas Fort Sylvia (RM20,000) and Kampong Baru Women Institute (RM3,000).

Present to witness the ceremony were Kapit District Officer Simon Japut Tiok, administrative officer in-charge of social development at Kapit Resident office Yii See Yong, principal SMK Kapit Ananthnan Subramaniam, organising chairman Shamrawi Suhaini, organising secretary Zulaini Junaidi, Penghulu Saten Morshiden, Ketua Kampong Abdul Latif Mahmuddin and Ketua Kampong Sepawi Bujang.

Also present were deputy Walikota Kapit District Council Cr. Jefferson Jamit, chairman PBB Baleh Division Councillor Tapah Ata, PBB Kapit Division youth chief Peter Segie, Cr. Wahed Hamden, Cr. Tan Kian Hoo and the manager of the Civic Centre, Wilfred Billy Panyau.

[2007-10-02] Aidilfitri gifts for Kampung Asajaya Ulu

ASAJAYA: Kampung Asajaya Ulu villagers yesterday received special Aidilfitri gifts in the form of three development projects which will be implemented soon.

According to Asajaya State Assemblyman, Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, the three projects include the construction of river walls, a new mosque and new resettlement lots to help solve congestion in the old village.

"The State Government has approved all the projects. They are now in the final stage of planning," he said when officiating at the Bubur Lambur Warisan Festival organised by Tanjong Selatan Saberkas Unit, Darul Ehsan Mosque Committee and Asajaya Ulu Saberkas Unit at Darul Ehsan Mosque, Asajaya Ulu here last Saturday night.

The river wall project would be the most important because it would help solve the problem of flooding during king tides, he added.

Karim, who is also the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, also disclosed that the village would have a new mosque soon.

"We have identified the new mosque site and the Resident Office has been directed to expedite its approval process," he added.

He said the new mosque, which would replace the old one, would have a special design. It would be surrounded by a moat.

"We are aware that some of the houses here are occupied by four to five families. Hence, we are offering new lots to the villagers here so that they can live in a better environment," he pointed out.

Earlier, the Organising Committee Chairman, Rudi Affendi Khalik thanked Kampung Asajaya Laut villagers for their co-operation in making Bubur Lambuk Warisan Festival a success. A total of 500 bubur lambuk packets were distributed to the villagers. Among those present were Kuching Community College representative, Mat Noh Lajim and F & N Dairies Sdn Bhd's representative, Antonia Wong.